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Haldiram Presents The “Tyohar ke Har Tohfe Mein, Haldiram’s” Campaign This Diwali

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Haldiram introduces its fresh Diwali campaign, ‘Tyohar ke har tohfe me, Haldiram’s,’ showcasing a wide array of Diwali gifts—ranging from sweets, dry fruits, namkeen, chocolates to assorted gift hampers.

Haldiram Diwali CGI Campaign

In this immersive Diwali CGI campaign, Haldiram’s invites you to explore the magic of ‘Tyohar ke har tohfe me, Haldiram’s.’ Immerse yourself in a visual story where choppers laden with joyous surprises soar across the skyline, delivering specially curated gift boxes. Filled with an array of sweets, dry fruits, namkeen, chocolates, and gift hampers, these boxes symbolize the heartwarming tradition of sharing love during Diwali. As part of our comprehensive strategy, you’ll encounter captivating print advertisements, in-store branding, and an online presence that promises an unforgettable festive experience. Join us in making every Diwali celebration special and extraordinary.

Haldiram Diwali Influencer Campaign

Haldiram’s festive initiative, ‘Tyohar ke har tohfe me, Haldiram’s,’ embraces diverse gifting options for Diwali. This campaign resonates with the joy of giving, reaching a wide audience through print ads, in-store branding, and a performance-oriented marketing strategy. Influencers like Komal Pandey and Kritika Khurana join hands to amplify the festive cheer, making Haldiram’s the ultimate destination for thoughtful and flavour-filled gifts.

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What do experts have to say about this campaign ?

Haldiram Presents The "Tyohar ke Har Tohfe Mein, Haldiram's" Campaign This Diwali
Kailash Agarwal

Speaking about the launch of the Diwali campaign, Kailash Agarwal, President – Retail, Haldiram’s, said, “At Haldiram’s, we take pride in being a part of every Indian celebration. Diwali is a time when families come together to share love and happiness, and gifting plays a crucial role in expressing those sentiments. With our extensive range of Diwali gifts, we want to help people make their loved ones feel special. ‘Tyohar ke har tohfe me, Haldiram’s’ is our way of joining the festivities and offering a wide variety of options that cater to different tastes and preferences.”

Adding about ‘Tyohar ke har tohfe me, Haldiram’s’ campaign, Divya Batra, Head of Marketing, Haldiram’s, added, “Diwali is not only a festival but a tradition that brings people closer. Our campaign reflects the essence of Diwali by offering a diverse selection of gifting options that cater to the preferences of every individual. We have carefully crafted a mix of traditional and contemporary gifting ideas, allowing our customers to choose gifts that resound with their emotions. We are excited to have partnered with influencers like Komal Pandey and Kritika Khurana to connect with our audience, and we believe that ‘Tyohar ke har tohfe me, Haldiram’s’ will connect with everyone looking to make this Diwali memorable for their loved ones.

Haldiram Presents The "Tyohar ke Har Tohfe Mein, Haldiram's" Campaign This Diwali
Divya Batra

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In conclusion, Haldiram’s ‘Tyohar ke har tohfe me, Haldiram’s’ campaign emerges as a beacon of festive joy, offering a diverse palette of Diwali gifting options. From delectable sweets to thoughtful assortments, the brand’s commitment to making every moment special shines through. Whether through the enchanting CGI campaign or the dynamic Influencer Marketing collaboration, Haldiram’s continues to be the ultimate destination for celebrating the spirit of Diwali with flavor, joy, and heartfelt gifts. Join us in making this Diwali an extraordinary celebration of love, tradition, and delightful surprises.

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