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Jindal Stainless Lights Up Diwali with ‘Hum Sabki Diwali 2.0’ Campaign

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In celebration of Diwali, Jindal Stainless has initiated a ‘Hum Sabki Diwali 2.0’ digital campaign. As part of this endeavor, a video has been unveiled, encapsulating the true spirit of the Festival of Lights. The video juxtaposes the festivities at home and in the workplace, offering a glimpse into the celebrations for those separated from their families.

What Is Jindal Stainless Diwali Campaign ‘Hum Sabki Diwali 2.0’?

The Jindal Stainless Diwali Campaign, titled ‘Hum Sabki Diwali 2.0,’ transcends conventional celebrations by delivering a profound message on the interconnectedness of festivities and the importance of familial bonds, both within the home and the workplace. Through poignant narratives, the video showcases individuals discovering joy and warmth not only among family members at home but also among colleagues in the office. The culmination of the video features digitally-connected segments, where individuals on either side share glances at each other’s pictures, reinforcing the unspoken bond that exists between these two worlds. Overall, the advertisement effectively communicates a powerful message about the unity inherent in celebrations and the meaningful connections formed within both the personal and professional spheres of life.

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What Do Experts Have To Say About This Campaign?

Jindal Stainless Lights Up Diwali with ‘Hum Sabki Diwali 2.0’ Campaign
Sonal Singh

Commenting on the launch of this video, head, corporate communications, Jindal Stainless, Sonal Singh, said, “The digital campaign reflects our commitment to fostering a sense of belonging and joy among our stainless family members. We truly believe that people’s quality of lives rests on the balance and joy between the personal and the professional, and the role oraganisations play in enhancing people’s professional experience. Every frame of this video tells a story of shared moments, traditions, and the unspoken bonds of friendship that tie us together.” 

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The Jindal Stainless Diwali Campaign, ‘Hum Sabki Diwali 2.0,’ delves beyond conventional celebrations to convey a powerful message about the unity of festivities and the profound significance of family bonds, both at home and in the workplace. Through touching narratives, the video illustrates how individuals find joy and warmth among colleagues in the office, mirroring the connections fostered within their families. The ad’s culmination, featuring digitally-connected segments sharing glances at each other’s celebrations, beautifully emphasizes the seamless bond between these two realms, underscoring the holistic nature of Diwali that transcends physical boundaries and unites individuals in the shared joy of the festival.

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