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ART-E launches ‘Aayega Teesra’ Anthem, Paving the Path to Team India’s 3rd World Cup

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The Indian cricket team is poised to claim world championship, and the nation eagerly anticipates India’s third World Cup victory. Amidst the jubilation, Art-E Mediatech unveils its grand campaign, “AAYEGA TEESRA,” a tribute to cricket’s brilliance and magic.

What is Art-E “Aayega Teesra” campaign?

Art-E Mediatech’s “Aayega Teesra” campaign is a spectacular tribute to India’s cricket team, poised for global supremacy. Directed by the talented Kabir Bhan, the accompanying brand film is a visual masterpiece, capturing not just the excitement but the deep-seated pride and joy of Indian cricket enthusiasts. This campaign serves as a rallying cry, encapsulating the unifying spirit of the entire nation.

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The heart of the campaign lies in its energetic and uplifting rap, complemented by spirited dance sequences that send a palpable surge of energy. In an effort to maximize the campaign’s impact, Art-E Mediatech has partnered with Fever FM, their official radio collaborator, ensuring the resonating anthem reaches every nook and cranny of the country.

The campaign’s shots featuring diverse individuals, from auto-rickshaw drivers to children, senior citizens, and youngsters, all singing ‘Teesra Teesra Aayega Teesra,’ beautifully encapsulate what winning the World Cup signifies for every citizen. It transcends mere competition; it becomes an indescribable, collective emotion that unites the nation in hope, celebration, and the anticipation of victory. Art-E Mediatech’s campaign emerges not just as a promotional endeavor but as a cultural phenomenon, reflecting the essence of cricket in the hearts of millions across India.

The narrative unfolds as a vibrant tapestry of emotions, leading the audience through a sequence of cheerful, stimulating, and enjoyable scenarios. The campaign’s bold and playful tone guides viewers on a journey that mirrors the collective sentiment of the nation.

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The anthem’s lyrics, “Har Ghar main, Har Dil main, Victory ka flag,” echo across the country. From remote corners to bustling cities, citizens express their support for Team India by creating reels and enthusiastically performing the iconic hookstep. This social media frenzy becomes a testament to the campaign’s success, showcasing widespread enthusiasm and participation.

What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Rohit Sakunia

Commenting on the launch of the brand campaign, Rohit Sakunia, Founder of Art-E Mediatech said, “India is on the verge of becoming World Champions for the 3rd time, and with our brand campaign, we are thrilled to echo the feelings of a billion Indians celebrating the team’s outstanding performance and advancing gracefully to the World Cup Semi-finals. We all dream to see the Men in Blue win it for us for a third time.”

“At Art-E we have made it our mission to empower the Indian team and facilitate their success by bringing forth the idea that cricket isn’t merely a game for Indians but the lifeforce of our country, with a billion Indians collectively waiting for the World Cup trophy,” he added.


  • A Film by: Art-E Mediatech
  • Director: Kabir Bhan
  • Lyrics: Taikhum Sadiq
  • Music: Saurabh Vaibhav
  • Singer/Rapper: Yo Boy Angeet, Saurabh Gupta
  • Official Radio Partner: Fever FM


In conclusion, “Aayega Teesra” by Art-E Mediatech transcends the boundaries of a traditional campaign. It’s more than just a promotional endeavor; it’s a cultural phenomenon that captures the heart and soul of India’s cricket fervor. Under the adept direction of Kabir Bhan, the campaign unfolds as a visual masterpiece, perfectly complementing the dynamic lyrics by Taikhum Sadiq and the music of Saurabh Vaibhav, featuring the vocal talents of Yo Boy Angeet and Saurabh Gupta.

As the nation eagerly awaits the potential third World Cup victory, the campaign, with its uplifting rap, energetic dance sequences, and strategic collaboration with Fever FM, has become a unifying force. It’s a celebration that resonates across diverse demographics, from auto-rickshaw drivers to children, senior citizens, and the youth, all echoing the anthem ‘Teesra Teesra Aayega Teesra’ with unbridled enthusiasm.

The success of this campaign lies not just in its catchy tunes but in its ability to capture the collective emotion of the nation. It’s a testament to the power of cricket as a unifying force in India. “Aayega Teesra” is more than a song; it’s a national anthem of hope, celebration, and the unwavering support for Team India. As we eagerly look forward to the World Cup, let the echoes of this anthem remind us that victory is not just a possibility; it’s a shared dream that unites us all.

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