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Mentos collab with Orry for their new campaign ‘Aam Zindagi’

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Recall the delightful ‘Yeh hai Aam Zindagi. Yeh hai Mentos Zindagi’ ads? Mentos, owned by Perfetti Van Melle, has revived them in a new avatar in latest campaign , featuring a collaboration with the internet sensation Orry.

Orry attack in Mentos in campaign

1. Campaign Description

In a looping Instagram video, Orry expresses frustration with back-to-back interviews. The backdrop features the poetic lines ‘Aam Zindagi, Routine mein phasi.’ Orry’s encounter with Mentos leads to a burst of freshness, transforming his mood, and he strikes poses for magazine covers in ‘Orry Style’ with ‘Mentos Kha Liya, Bani Mast Zindagi’ playing.

Mentos collab with Orry for their new campaign ‘Aam Zindagi’

2. Humorous Twist

Known for humor-centric campaigns, Mentos adds a touch of comedy. Orry’s encounter with Mentos brings a comedic twist to the challenges of newfound fame, turning routine into a lively experience.

3. Orry’s Popularity

As one of the internet’s viral sensations, Orry’s extensive advertising ventures and appearances on popular shows like Bigg Boss and Koffee With Karan establish him as an ideal ambassador for Mentos, targeting youth and Gen Z.

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4. Creative Execution

Schbang conceptualized and executed the campaign. The 30-second Instagram ad featuring Orry is part of Mentos’ ongoing collaborations with young internet personalities, creating engaging content for a digitally savvy audience.

5. Celebrity Collaborations

Continuing its innovative campaign approach, Mentos previously collaborated with Bollywood actor Palak Tiwari and singer Jasleen Royal. Both partnerships feature the celebrities portraying weariness with mundane routines. A common theme emerges as each celebrity, after expressing boredom, revitalizes their mood by consuming Mentos, aligning with the brand’s refreshing essence.

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In revisiting the iconic ‘Yeh hai Aam Zindagi. Yeh hai Mentos Zindagi’ ads, Mentos has brilliantly infused a breath of fresh air with its latest campaign. The collaboration with internet sensation Orry, coupled with past partnerships with Bollywood actor Palak Tiwari and singer Jasleen Royal, exemplifies Mentos’ commitment to injecting humor and vibrancy into the daily grind. Through clever storytelling and relatable scenarios, the brand has successfully transformed routine moments into lively experiences. As Mentos continues to evolve its advertising narrative, the brand’s ability to connect with diverse audiences, from celebrities to the everyday individual, remains a testament to its enduring appeal and innovative spirit. So, embrace the ‘Aam Zindagi’ with Mentos and savor the zest it adds to every moment!

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