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Mr. India Is Back In Latest Google Pixel 8 Campaign

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In the world of Mr. India, Anil Kapoor wields invisibility powers thanks to his father’s invention. After 36 years, the iconic superhero reappears in a new Google India campaign, now equipped with the powerful Pixel 8 device.

What Is Mr. India Google Pixel 8 campaign?

In the Mr. India Google Pixel 8 campaign, Anil Kapoor, known for his power of invisibility, returns 36 years after the 1987 film. He’s seen in a new Google India ad, now wielding the Pixel 8.

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In the ad, he and a friend break into a castle, reminiscent of a lighter version of Hogwarts. After a brief search and a spy-like firewall breach, they reach the coveted possession. On October 21, Anil Kapoor shared a post on Instagram, recreating his Mr. India character in a video. Notably, the video features a handset from the Pixel series.

Anil Kapoor is quite active on the social media platform Instagram, with 5.8 million followers. However, he recently surprised everyone by deleting all his posts and profile picture. After this move, fans began to inquire about the actor’s absence from social media.

The voiceover provides hints about what the Pixel 8 can do and mentions that the smartphone is available in four colors, but notably, there is no mention of red.

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This spot is only a teaser, and the bigger picture awaits.


In conclusion, the Mr. India return with Google’s Pixel 8 campaign marks a nostalgic return of the iconic superhero, Anil Kapoor, after 36 years. The teaser hints at the Pixel 8’s capabilities and highlights its availability in four colors, with the notable absence of red. It’s evident that this ad is just a teaser, leaving us curious and excited for what the bigger picture holds.

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