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Never Struggle for a Seat Again with Fevicol’s Chipku Chair Campaign.

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How would you feel if you saw a person walking around with a chair stuck to them, following them wherever they go? For people who use public transportation and struggle to find a seat, this might seem like a dream come true. Fevicol’s new campaign, ‘Chipku Chair,’ is bringing this dream to life by allowing people to stick chairs to themselves.

The video showcases a scene from the Kila Raipur Rural Olympics where locals gather to watch the games being played on the ground. With limited seating available, everyone is eager to grab a spot to comfortably watch the matches. In the background, an announcement introduces the various games being played, including the long jump, wrestling, and horse racing. However, the real game takes place outside the ground, the “Game of Chairs”. In the midst of all this, we see a group of men donning white Fevicol Pidilite T-shirts, each with a stool attached to their butt. This amusing activity leaves people there, surprised, shocked, and amused, with some even capturing it on their phones. Despite the entertainment, confusion looms as everyone tries to figure out what’s happening.

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The Ogilvy-conceptualized campaign aimed to address the long-standing issue of people vying for a seat. To tackle this problem, the brand devised an innovative strategy, which involved deploying human spectators wearing T-shirts emblazoned with the Fevicol logo and attaching chairs to their backs. As a result, the chairs followed them wherever they went, ensuring that they always had a seat. The humorous campaign video, aptly named ‘Chipku Chair’ (Sticky Chair), concludes with the tagline ‘Fevicol ka jhod ha, tootega nahi’ (This is Fevicol’s bond, it won’t break), emphasizing the brand’s reliability and strength.

Talha Bin Mohsin, executive creative director, Ogilvy Mumbai, said, “India is a land of unique, unimaginable jugaad. So, we chose to address a very human problem with a jugaad-led innovation and a touch of Fevicol’s quirky tonality. We hope this piece will strike a chord with our consumers.”  

Fevicol has an uncanny knack for connecting with its audience, and the “Chipku” activation is a prime example of this. By using the same language as its advertisements of the past decade, the brand manages to captivate the audience and deliver a message that sticks (pun intended). With its humorous take on a mundane problem, Fevicol transforms from just a regular stationary item into something more – a reliable and trustworthy friend who we can always count on. And who doesn’t love an obnoxious ad that makes you chuckle? It’s one of the reasons we subconsciously believe in Fevicol’s tagline “Fevicol ka jod kabhi tootega nahi.” Overall, the “Chipku” activation perfectly embodies the playful and quirky personality of the Fevicol brand, making it a memorable and effective marketing campaign.

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