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Parle Hide & Seek introduces the #SeektheHiddenPrizes campaign

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Parle Products, renowned for its biscuits and confectionery, unveils a fresh perspective on Valentine’s Day through its latest campaign for the premium cookie brand, Parle Hide & Seek #SeektheHiddenPrizes. Designed to foster a delightful connection, the campaign invites consumers to engage in a treasure hunt for a fun and memorable experience.

Parle Hide & Seek #SeektheHiddenPrizes Camapign

Parle Products, renowned for its delectable biscuits and confectionery, introduces a distinctive perspective on Valentine’s Day with its latest campaign for the premium cookie brand Hide & Seek—#SeektheHiddenPrizes. The campaign aims to forge meaningful connections and deliver a joyful experience by encouraging consumers to partake in an engaging treasure hunt.

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In a series of three enchanting ad films, the campaign unfolds with the delightful banter of young couples, leading to an exciting quest to discover hidden prizes within the Hide & Seek pack. Filmed against diverse backdrops—a coffee shop, a beach, and a college—the ads beautifully capture the playful essence of young love. As an added delight, each featured couple is rewarded with two Samsung Galaxy smartphones in the ad films.

Embracing the spirit of love and joy, the #SeekTheHiddenPrizes campaign encourages individuals to elevate their celebrations by sharing the thrill of uncovering hidden treasures with their loved ones. Crafted to deepen romantic bonds, the campaign promises an exhilarating journey filled with suspense and surprises. Participants have the opportunity to win exciting prizes, including the Samsung Galaxy Fold, a Rs 9,999 voucher from Kalyan Jewellers, a Rs 2000 Amazon Pay gift card, and a guaranteed Rs 10 cashback on each purchase. This rewarding experience awaits participants until March 31, 2024.

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What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Parle Hide & Seek introduces the #SeektheHiddenPrizes campaign
Mayank Shah

Commenting on the campaign, Mayank Shah, vice-president, Parle Products, said, “Valentine’s Day presents a unique opportunity for Parle Hide & Seek to connect even more deeply with our consumers. This year’s campaign embodies the essence of love and surprise, capturing the magic of the occasion through our delightful offerings.”

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In conclusion, Parle’s Hide & Seek has not only redefined Valentine’s Day celebrations but has also transformed them into an engaging and rewarding experience with the #SeektheHiddenPrizes campaign. Through the enchanting ad films featuring young couples embarking on a treasure hunt, the brand beautifully captures the spirit of playful love. With enticing prizes like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Kalyan Jewellers voucher, Amazon Pay gift card, and guaranteed cashback, participants are in for an exhilarating journey until March 31, 2024. This innovative campaign not only strengthens connections but also adds a delightful and suspenseful twist to the season of love, making it truly memorable for consumers.

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