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Philips India releases New campaign Featuring Alia Bhatt Introducing Hair Straightener

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Philips India Hair Straightener, a prominent player in health technology and innovation, has launched a hair straightener engineered for damage-free styling, incorporating revolutionary NourishCare technology. Explore the perfect blend of style and care with Philips India latest hair straightener campaign.

Philips India Hair Straightener Unveils New Campaign

Introducing a revolutionary hair straightener from Philips India, a leading player in health technology and innovations. Specifically designed for styling without heat damage, this cutting-edge device features advanced NourishCare technology. You can find this innovative hair straightener available for purchase not only on the Philips website but also through various online and offline channels.

This state-of-the-art straightener is equipped with serum strips that contain a blend of nourishing ingredients, including vitamin E, Moroccan argan oil, and kerashine care. These elements work harmoniously to style and nourish your hair while providing essential protection against heat damage. The technology’s unique ability to lock in moisture ensures that your hair remains nourished, resulting in a healthy and radiant appearance.

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Invest in the Philips hair straightener to experience the perfect fusion of style and hair care, all conveniently available at your fingertips.

What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Philips India Unveils New campaign Featuring Alia Bhatt Introducing Hair Straightener
Deepali Agarwal

Commenting on the new launch, Deepali Agarwal, business head- personal health, Philips India, said, “The Philips hair straightener with NourishCare technology, proudly ‘Made in India,’ incorporates cutting-edge technology, offering a superior hair nourishing and styling experience without compromising on hair quality and health. Our brand ambassador, Alia Bhatt personifies the spirit of effortless style and resonates with the empowered individuals we aim to serve. With our campaign, we want to convey the transformative experience of using NourishCare Technology, where styling and hair protection coexist seamlessly.”

Alia Bhatt, brand ambassador, Philips Beauty elaborates on the launch, “As someone who believes self-expression is really an important layer of who I am, being the face of the much-awaited launch of Philips NourishCare hair straightener fills me with excitement. Philips, at the forefront of innovation rooted in consumer needs, also sets a great example of the amalgamation of beauty with technology that truly cares and the TVC reflects exactly this.” 

Philips India Unveils New campaign Featuring Alia Bhatt Introducing Hair Straightener
Alia Bhatt

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In conclusion, the Philips India hair straightener emerges as a game-changer in the world of hair care, seamlessly blending innovation with style. With its advanced NourishCare technology and serum strips enriched with nourishing ingredients, this device not only delivers impeccable styling results but also prioritizes the health of your hair by protecting it from heat damage. Available for purchase on the Philips website and various online and offline channels, investing in this cutting-edge straightener promises a journey towards effortlessly styled, nourished, and healthy-looking hair. Say goodbye to compromise and embrace a new era of hair care and styling with Philips.

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