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Renowned Indian chess player GM Viswanathan Anand has partnered as the brand ambassador for The five-time world champion will share his expertise and experience on the chess platform in 2024 and beyond.

Viswanathan Anand as the brand ambassador of

GM Viswanathan Anand, the esteemed Indian chess player, has officially become the brand ambassador for As a five-time world champion, Anand will contribute his wealth of knowledge and experience to the chess platform, both in 2024 and beyond.

Anand’s primary objective is to enhance the global appeal of chess, fostering its growth domestically and internationally. As part of the agreement, Anand will regularly feature on’s channels.

Affectionately known as “The Tiger of Madras,” Anand achieved recognition worldwide for his lightning-fast rise in the chess scene. Holding the undisputed title from 2007 to 2013, he has dominated the game for over four decades, consistently winning top tournaments. Currently ranked 11th globally, Anand continues to be a formidable force.

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In addition to his playing career, Anand has solidified his legacy by mentoring India’s brightest talents, expanding the game’s reach to new audiences. Notably, fans can anticipate exclusive Vishy Anand content, weekly tournaments hosted by Anand with special prizes, appearances in’s live and online events, opportunities for players and fans to engage with him, and insightful commentary on both global and Indian chess events.

What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Viswanathan Anand

Viswanathan Anand said: “Chess is exploding in India right now and there are millions of people wanting to play, watch, and improve their game. I am honored to be able to help by passing on what I have learnt down the years and there is no better platform to do so on than

He further adds, “I’ll be appearing on shows to commentate, creating fun content, meeting fans and creating new resources to help give back to the chess community both in India and abroad. I can’t wait to get started!”’s chief chess officer, IM Danny Rensch said: “We are humbled to have Vishy on board for Vishy is not Anand, known as “The Tiger of Madras”, is considered India’s greatest player ever. He is a five time World Champion and held the undisputed title from 2007 to 2013. His meteoric rise as a youngster with his lightning speed got him recognition on the world stage In a career spanning more than four decades he has been a top player winning most of the  tournaments.

Danny Rensch
Avadh Shah’s country director, Avadh Shah said: “Viswanathan Anand is one of the greatest sports persons our country has ever produced. He is a huge legend and icon in India. We are delighted to welcome him to the family. As the world’s no.1 chess platform, we look forward to working with him to grow chess and make the sport accessible to newer audiences all across the country.”

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In summary, the collaboration between and Indian Chess Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand marks a significant milestone for the chess community. Anand’s appointment as the brand ambassador signifies a commitment to elevating the appeal of chess globally, with the five-time world champion bringing his extensive knowledge and experience to throughout 2024 and beyond. As “The Tiger of Madras,” Anand’s legacy extends beyond his illustrious playing career, encompassing mentorship of India’s emerging talents and expanding the game’s horizons. Fans can eagerly anticipate exclusive content, weekly tournaments, live appearances, and insightful commentary, as this partnership promises to enhance the chess experience for players and enthusiasts alike.

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