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Bobby Deol features in Nilkamal Sleep ‘Thoughtfully Designed for You’ campaign

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Sleep solution brand Nilkamal Sleep has partnered with Bollywood actor Bobby Deol to unveil its Latest campaign for newest collection of mattresses, bringing a touch of star-quality comfort to your sleep experience.

Bobby Deol in Nilkamal Sleep ‘Thoughtfully Designed for You’ campaign

Nilkamal Sleep, a brand specializing in sleep solutions, has revealed its partnership with renowned Bollywood actor Bobby Deol for the launch of its latest mattress collection.

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To inaugurate this collaboration, Nilkamal Sleep has introduced a digital film starring Bobby Deol, vividly bringing to life the brand’s concept of “Thoughtfully Designed for You.”

The film prominently features the Nilkamal Sleep Couple Pro mattress, showcasing its unique zero motion transfer feature. Bobby Deol’s charismatic presence is highlighted as he dances to his favorite music, illustrating the mattress’s ability to ensure one partner sleeps undisturbed, emphasizing the significant advantage of zero motion transfer.

What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Bobby Deol features in Nilkamal Sleep  'Thoughtfully Designed for You' campaign
Eashan Parekh

Commenting on the collaboration, Eashan Parekh, head, Nilkamal Sleep, stated, “Our curated range of mattresses are thoughtfully designed to address the unique sleep needs of individuals, providing unparalleled comfort and support for restful nights. Bobby’s personality and lifestyle completely resonates with our brand and product philosophy and we are thrilled to collaborate with him. These 2 films give out the message in a very entertaining way while staying true to Brand tonality and Bobby’s stardom.”

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In conclusion, the collaboration between Nilkamal Sleep and Bollywood actor Bobby Deol marks an exciting venture into the world of thoughtfully designed sleep solutions. The digital film featuring Deol not only introduces the brand’s latest mattress collection but also showcases the innovative Nilkamal Sleep Couple Pro mattress with its standout zero motion transfer feature. With Deol’s charm and the emphasis on undisturbed sleep, this collaboration underscores Nilkamal Sleep’s commitment to providing a superior and personalized sleep experience, merging comfort with style in the realm of bedroom essentials.

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