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PNB Housing Finance Celebrates Homeownership With #DiwaliApneGharShiftingWali Campaign

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PNB Housing Finance unveils #DiwaliApneGharShiftingWali, a brand campaign embodying the spirit of celebration and prosperity during the festive season. This brand film beautifully conveys the emotions of joy, pride, and fulfillment that accompany becoming a homeowner.

What Is PNB Housing Finance #DiwaliApneGharShiftingWali Campaign?

PNB Housing Finance’s #DiwaliApneGharShiftingWali Campaign is a branding effort aimed at capturing the spirit of Diwali and the prosperity it signifies. The campaign depicts the heartfelt experience of returning home, sprinkled with humor, as a group of coworkers, accustomed to traveling to their hometowns for the festival, are taken aback when one announces his plan to move into his ‘own home’ during Diwali. The campaign’s video effectively conveys the emotions of joy, pride, and fulfillment that come with becoming a homeowner, with PNB Housing Finance as a trusted partner on this journey. This campaign is being promoted on digital platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn to engage a broader audience. In addition, PNB Housing Finance has recently inaugurated its 100th Roshni branch and its first-ever all-women branch, showcasing its dedication to gender diversity and improving access to its products and services for a more diverse customer base.

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What do experts have to say about this campaign?

PNB Housing Finance Celebrates Homeownership With #DiwaliApneGharShiftingWali Campaign
Girish Kousgi

PNB Housing Finance MD & CEO Girish Kousgi commented on the campaign, “Diwali is an auspicious time when people consider making significant investments for a brighter future. Home buying is one such decision, and at PNB Housing Finance, we aim to make this journey simpler and more rewarding for our customers. Our new campaign #DiwaliApneGharShiftingWali intends to celebrate the festive spirit with added warmth and happiness of moving to your own home, thus beginning a new chapter of life filled with hope, prosperity and abundance. We feel privileged to be part of such momentous occasions and milestones of our valued customers, and will continue to light up their lives by fulfilling their home ownership dreams in the future.”


In conclusion, PNB Housing Finance’s #DiwaliApneGharShiftingWali Campaign beautifully encapsulates the essence of Diwali, celebrating the sense of belonging and prosperity that comes with homeownership. The heartwarming brand film portrays the journey of individuals transitioning into their own homes, bringing joy, pride, and fulfillment. PNB Housing Finance’s role as a reliable companion on this significant life milestone is evident, emphasizing its commitment to its customers.

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Moreover, the campaign’s digital outreach on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn ensures a broader and more engaged audience. As an organization, PNB Housing Finance continues to expand its presence, recently marking the inauguration of its 100th Roshni branch and the first all-women branch. This demonstrates their dedication to both gender diversity and improved accessibility, ultimately making homeownership dreams a reality for a diverse range of customers.

With this campaign, PNB Housing Finance not only shines a light on the joys of home ownership during the festive season but also reaffirms its position as a trusted partner in turning these dreams into reality. As Diwali approaches, the campaign resonates with the theme of “homecoming,” bringing happiness and prosperity to countless families.

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