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Puma features Kareena Kapoor, MC Mary Kom, and many other female celebrities #CricketIsEveryonesGame campaign

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Puma, in its commitment to bolster India’s sports landscape, particularly women’s sports, has assembled a powerhouse of female luminaries: actor Kareena Kapoor Khan, SUGAR Cosmetics co-founder Vineeta Singh, boxer MC Mary Kom, designer Masaba Gupta, and news anchor Faye D’Souza. Together, they unite under the Puma #CricketIsEveryones campaign to advocate for women’s cricket in the nation.

Ad film of Puma

Puma’s new campaign #CricketIsEveryones

Event Announcement:

On March 10, 2024, in New Delhi, Kareena Kapoor, Vineeta Singh, Mary Kom, Masaba Gupta, and Faye D’Souza will unite to cheer on cricketers. This collaboration marks PUMA’s dedication to advancing women’s sports in India.

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Purpose and Participants:

PUMA, a global sports brand, is committed to nurturing India’s sports culture, particularly women’s sports. To amplify this mission, they’ve assembled a group of influential women: actor and entrepreneur Kareena Kapoor Khan, SUGAR Cosmetics co-founder Vineeta Singh, boxing champion Mary Kom, fashion designer Masaba Gupta, and news anchor Faye D’Souza. Together, they aim to advocate for women’s cricket in the nation.

Event Details:

These remarkable women will come together to attend a Women’s Premier League match in New Delhi on March 10, creating a Ladies’ Night to show support and celebrate female athletes.

Campaign Announcement:

PUMA has unveiled this significant collaboration and campaign through social media, accompanied by a digital film #CricketIsEveryones campaign featuring the five influential women. Narrated by these leaders, the film, conceptualized by PUMA, sheds light on the gender bias prevalent in the sports ecosystem. According to official digital viewership data from 2023, women’s cricket receives only 1/8th the viewership of men’s cricket, highlighting the stark disparity.

Film Narrative and Pledge:

In the digital film, the stars pledge to not only attend the WPL match between Delhi Capitals and Royal Challengers Bangalore but also extend an invitation to women from all walks of life to join them for this collective experience on Ladies’ Night. Despite the significant potential, women’s cricket in India struggles to garner desired viewership, with only 18% of women who watch men’s cricket tuning in for women’s matches.

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What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Karthik Balagopalan

Commenting on the occasion, Karthik Balagopalan, MD, PUMA India, said, “Traditionally, women in the country have not been encouraged to watch and embrace sports as men have. Now that is the need of the hour. We are at the turning point to create an equitable sporting landscape and women need to watch women’s sport in order to drive change.” Karthik added, “As we launch this campaign today, it is heartwarming to have India’s leading women such as Kareena Kapoor Khan, Vineeta Singh, MC Mary Kom, Masaba Gupta and Faye D’Souza, use the power of their voice and platforms to address this cause. We are confident now that this remarkable collaboration will further the narrative, level the playing field, increase fandom and create inspiration for the future generation of women athletes.”

Kareena Kapoor Khan said,“While cricket is a religion in our country – the spotlight, the viewership, the fanfare– is markedly lesser in women’s cricket when compared to men’s cricket.“ Kareena added,“I’m glad that a brand like PUMA has identified this need and come forward with this stand-out campaign to increase the participation of female viewers in women’s cricket. Let’s come together and join PUMA to bring the much-needed change.”

Kareena Kapoor Khan
Vineeta Singh

While WPL fever is beginning to grip the country, PUMA’s attempt to create awareness around the number of female viewers of the game and ignite fandom conversation and mindset change by bringing together women from across industries in a nationwide movement is a historic move. “I am honoured to stand alongside formidable women in supporting PUMA’s groundbreaking #CricketIsEveryonesGame campaign at the Women’s Premier League. It’s disheartening to witness the vast viewership gap between men’s and women’s cricket, and we are committed to changing that narrative which goes beyond the boundaries of the sports arena; it’s about empowering women, fostering entrepreneurship, and boosting the sports economy,” commented Vineeta Singh.

Masaba Gupta, added, “Through this campaign with PUMA, we aim to revolutionise women’s cricket and I hope to see many women to be a part of this historic movement.“ The official kit partner of Royal Challengers Bangalore and Delhi Capitals, PUMA promotes sporting culture in India and boasts a star-studded lineup of brand ambassadors featuring batting icon Virat Kohli, football star Sunil Chhetri, celebrated boxer MC Mary Kom, and cricketers Harmanpreet Kaur and Mohammed Shami

Masaba Gupta


In conclusion, PUMA collaborative effort with Kareena Kapoor, Vineeta Singh, Mary Kom, Masaba Gupta, and Faye D’Souza in #CricketIsEveryones campaign underscores a significant step towards fostering women’s sports, particularly cricket, in India. Through their participation in the Women’s Premier League match and the promotion of Ladies’ Night, these influential women not only advocate for gender equality in sports but also invite women from diverse backgrounds to join them in celebrating and supporting female athletes. This partnership reflects a collective commitment to challenging existing biases and amplifying the visibility and recognition of women’s cricket in the country’s sports landscape.

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