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Pidilite unveiled new campaign to launch ‘Fevikwik Gel’ 

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Pidilite Industries, known for its range of adhesives, sealants, construction chemicals, and craftsmen products, has revealed the debut of its newest campaign “Galti Sudharne ka Mauka De,” showcasing the latest Fevikwik Gel variant.

Crafted by Ogilvy India, the campaign accentuates the product’s practicality in various real-life scenarios, underscoring its effectiveness.

Pidilite new campaign launching ‘Fevikwik Gel’


Pidilite Industries, a leading manufacturer of adhesives, sealants, construction chemicals, and craftsmen products, has unveiled its latest campaign “Galti Sudharne ka Mauka De,” showcasing the new variant Fevikwik Gel.

Campaign Concept:

The campaign highlights the product’s efficacy in rectifying minor mistakes swiftly, underscoring its practicality in real-life situations.

Film Description:

The film depicts a scenario where a handyman attaches an ‘M’ signboard to an office washroom door using Fevikwik Gel. Upon completion, a man rushes towards the washroom, only to find a woman exiting, causing embarrassment. Swiftly, the handyman alters the ‘M’ to a ‘W’, rectifying the error. The tagline reads: “Naya Fevikwik Gel. Galti sudharne ka mauka de.”

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Marketing Strategy:

Fevikwik Gel’s new TVC aligns with the company’s comprehensive marketing approach, including digital campaigns, social media promotions, and various advertising initiatives. The goal is to broaden the audience reach and showcase the adhesive’s high-performance benefits.

What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Manish Dubey

Manish Dubey, Chief Marketing Officer, Pidilite Industries, said, “Fevikwik dominates the instant repair category to the extent that it is the only brand people think of when it comes to repairing broken items. However, we recognized that in some cases, repairers need a few more seconds to readjust the pieces for a perfect outcome. This realization prompted the development of Fevikwik Gel. Our new Fevikwik Gel represents a significant advancement in the instant repair category. The campaign, employing trademark Pidilite humour and real-world situation, illustrates how Fevikwik Gel streamlines the repair process by facilitating swift corrections and enables users to approach any repair or adhesion task with ease and confidence.”

Piyush Pandey, Chief Advisor, Ogilvy India, said, Pidilite is a forever innovative company. This time the innovation is with Fevikwik Gel. The Gel gives you that little extra time that you require for adjusting before permanently fixing. The Fevikwik team at Ogilvy & Pidilite found it to be another great opportunity to communicate product benefits in Pidilite style which leaves a smile on your face.”

Piyush Pandey

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In conclusion, Pidilite Industries’ launch of the “Galti Sudharne ka Mauka De” campaign for Fevikwik Gel marks a strategic move to spotlight the product’s versatility in addressing everyday mishaps. With its engaging film narrative and comprehensive marketing strategy, the company aims to resonate with a wider audience, emphasizing the adhesive’s ability to swiftly rectify errors in real-life scenarios. This campaign underscores Pidilite’s commitment to innovation and practical solutions, positioning Fevikwik Gel as the go-to choice for quick fixes and reliability.

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