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PV Sindhu Partners with Centuary Mattresses to Elevate Comfort in Latest TVC Campaign

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Centuary Mattresses Sleepables, with brand ambassador PV Sindhu, unveils a campaign spotlighting their mattress range. Emphasizing the fusion of affordability and luxury, the TVC underscores the durability and customization of reversible mattresses. The commercial highlights the Sleepables range as both affordable and durable, emphasizing its customizability, ensuring essential comfort and lasting support for restful sleep.

PV Sindhu in Centuary Mattresses TVC

PV Sindhu is featured in Centuary Mattresses’ TVC, showcasing the Sleepables mattress range. The campaign highlights the perfect blend of affordability and luxury, underscoring the durability and customization of the reversible mattresses.

A key focus of the TVC is the convenience of Sleepables mattresses, which come as a bed-in-a-box. The collection features a variety, including a hybrid memory foam pocket spring mattress, a bonnell spring mattress, and an ortho memory foam mattress. Notably, these mattresses are reversible, offering the flexibility of use on both sides.

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In August 2023, badminton player PV Sindhu became the brand ambassador for Centuary Mattress. As part of their expansion plan, Centuary aims to increase multi-brand dealer presence from 4,500+ to 10,000+ outlets. Additionally, the brand plans to elevate exclusive brand stores from 450+ to 700+ and introduce a minimum of 100 exclusive experience stores by 2025.

What do experts have to say about this campaign?

PV Sindhu Partners with Centuary Mattresses to Elevate Comfort in Latest TVC Campaign
Uttam Malani

Uttam Malani, executive director, Centuary Mattress, said, “At Centuary Mattress, our commitment to customer satisfaction drives us to create mattresses that redefine comfort for a truly rejuvenating sleep experience. Our collaboration with PV Sindhu brings a playful musical narrative, providing a unique peek into the mattress preferences of Gen Z and millennials. We aim to inspire individuals to discover the delight of sound sleep on our certified mattresses, tailored to resonate seamlessly with their modern lifestyles and preferences. ” 

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In conclusion, Centuary Mattresses’ strategic collaboration with PV Sindhu in the Sleepables campaign signifies a commitment to delivering a superior sleep experience. The emphasis on affordability, luxury, and the innovative features of reversible mattresses reflects Centuary’s dedication to meeting diverse consumer needs. As the brand charts a path for expansive growth and an enriched retail experience, it is poised to not only redefine the dynamics of the mattress industry but also to become a symbol of unparalleled comfort and innovation in the realm of sleep.

In the journey towards expanding their presence and introducing exclusive brand experiences, Centuary Mattresses is not just elevating the quality of sleep but also redefining the standards of the mattress market. With PV Sindhu as the face of this transformation, Centuary aims to carve a niche where comfort meets affordability, making the Sleepables range a symbol of restful nights and rejuvenated mornings for a growing number of households.

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