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Ranveer Singh and Tic Tac teamed up for the #FindYourMatch campaign

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Ferrero India’s confectionery brand, Tic Tac, introduces its newest digital initiative, #FindYourMatch. This campaign aims to raise awareness about the diverse Minty & Fruity flavors. By aligning consumers’ personalities and musical preferences with unique Tic Tac flavors, the digital series, starring Ranveer Singh in different personas, showcases an entertaining journey. Each personality finds its flavor counterpart in the Tic Tac universe, as emphasized by Ranveer Singh, encouraging everyone to rejuvenate their inner vibes with Tic Tac.

Ranveer Singh X Tic Tac = #FindYourMatch campaign

Ferrero India’s confectionery brand, Tic Tac, has unveiled its latest digital campaign, #FindYourMatch, aiming to boost awareness of its Minty & Fruity flavor range. This innovative initiative involves aligning consumers’ personas and music preferences with unique Tic Tac flavors. Digital films, starring Ranveer Singh in diverse roles, guide viewers through an enjoyable journey, highlighting how each personality finds its flavor counterpart in the Tic Tac universe. The films conclude with Ranveer Singh encouraging everyone to rejuvenate their inner vibes with Tic Tac.

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In a strategic collaboration with Spotify, the renowned audio streaming platform, Tic Tac further intertwines music into the brand’s DNA. The newly launched microsite, Tic Tac Find Your Match, invites users to explore a variety of music vibes. Upon selecting a vibe, the microsite, utilizing an AI algorithm, reveals the corresponding Tic Tac flavor that perfectly matches the consumer’s unique personality. Additionally, a personalized Spotify playlist is crafted for each participant. The four distinct music vibes and flavors include Romantic Vibes – Tic Tac Strawberry, Fun Party Vibes – Tic Tac Orange, Adventure Vibes – Tic Tac Spearmint, and Cool Vibes – Tic Tac Mint.

To add an element of excitement, Tic Tac has introduced a contest where participants stand a chance to win a Spotify 3-month premium subscription. To participate, users can share their story card on Instagram stories, tag @TicTacIndia, and use the hashtag #TicTacFindYourMatch (T&C apply).


1. Cool Vibes – Mint

2. Fun Vibes- Orange

3. Adventurous Vibe – Spearmint

4. Romantic Vibes – Strawberry

What do experts have to share about this campaign?

Zoher Kapuswala

Speaking on the campaign, Zoher Kapuswala, marketing head, Pills & Gums, Ferrero India said, “Tic Tac, being a youthful brand, always looks at innovative ways to engage with its audience. The #FindYourMatch campaign not only brings together the dynamic personality of Ranveer Singh, but also integrates the power of music through our collaboration with Spotify. We are confident that this campaign will playfully celebrate the delightful Tic Tac Flavors with each personality type, amongst our consumers. This innovative concept adds an element of fun and excitement, providing an opportunity for our audience to interact with the brand in a meaningful way.”

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In conclusion, Tic Tac’s #FindYourMatch campaign stands out as a creative and engaging initiative by Ferrero India’s confectionery brand. The fusion of personality traits, favorite music vibes, and Tic Tac flavors in the digital films featuring Ranveer Singh adds a unique and entertaining dimension to the brand’s promotional efforts. The collaboration with Spotify further amplifies the connection between music and the Tic Tac brand. The introduction of the microsite, Tic Tac Find Your Match, enhances user interaction by allowing them to discover their personalized Tic Tac flavor and receive a tailor-made Spotify playlist. With a well-crafted contest offering participants a chance to win a Spotify premium subscription, Tic Tac successfully combines flavors, music, and interactivity in a refreshing and innovative manner, inviting consumers to explore and engage with the brand in a fun and personalized way.

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