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Yashraj Mukhate and Kokila Modi Collaborate with Scrub Daddy

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Scrub Daddy, the iconic yellow smiling sponge, has made its grand entry into the Indian market through a unique collaboration with influencer and composer Yashraj Mukhate and the famous character Kokila Modi, played by Rupal Patel. This strategic partnership, backed by Unilever’s Cif, leverages Mukhate’s viral content creation skills and Patel’s association with the popular TV show “Saath Nibhana Saathiya” to introduce Scrub Daddy to the Indian audience.

Scrub Daddy X Kokila Ben & Yashraj Mukhate

The Viral Connection of Kokila Ben & Yashraj Mukhate

Known for his viral composition “Rasode main kaun tha?” in 2020, Yashraj Mukhate has joined forces with Kokila Modi to create an engaging Instagram video. In the video, Mukhate is seen doing the dishes while Patel’s character emerges from the TV screen to educate him on the benefits of using Cif’s Scrub Daddy. The duo then breaks into an impromptu song and dance performance, showcasing the product’s features in a fun and entertaining manner.

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The Nostalgic Twist:

The ad cleverly plays on the nostalgia associated with Mukhate’s previous viral video, with the caption “Aaj se rasode me Cif Scrub Daddy hoga!” ensuring that viewers catch the reference. Patel’s portrayal of Kokila Modi adds an interesting layer, reminiscent of the character’s perfectionist nature in the TV show, creating a connection with the audience.

The TikTok Success Story of Scrub Daddy

Scrub Daddy, initially gaining fame on Shark Tank, later became a TikTok sensation, amassing over 3 million followers. The brand’s social media managers, Davis Miller and Kerrie Longo, attribute this success to their consistent focus on producing “self-aware” content, resonating well with the platform’s Gen Z audience.

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Global Success and Expansion of Scrub Daddy:

Launched in 2012, Scrub Daddy has become Shark Tank’s most successful product, crossing the $670 million mark in sales. With its products available in over 20 markets worldwide, the brand entered into a strategic partnership with Unilever’s Cif in March 2023, marking Cif’s foray into a new category.

Targeting the Gen Z Audience in India:

In India, Scrub Daddy, through its collaboration with Yashraj Mukhate, aims to appeal to the Gen Z audience. Priced at Rs 399, the product stands out as a premium offering in the Indian market compared to traditional dishwashing scrubs. The partnership aligns with Unilever’s focus on providing high-performance cleaning products in collaboration with Scrub Daddy.


The collaboration between Scrub Daddy, Yashraj Mukhate, and Rupal Patel brings a refreshing and entertaining twist to the introduction of the iconic cleaning product in India. With a blend of nostalgia, humor, and product features, this partnership is set to make waves among the Gen Z audience, establishing the brand as a household name in the Indian cleaning market.

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