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Spotify mutes female singer voices in their new campaign.

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On International Women’s Day, Spotify sent out a powerful message that emphasized the role of women artists in every music industry. In its new campaign, Spotify came up with “The Unheard Playlist”, where they have muted the female singer’s voice in all the songs listed in that Playlist. The motive of this campaign was to highlight the importance of the female voice in the music industry which pays an impactful lane towards the melody highway.

Wondrlab and Sony Music India join forces with Spotify to unveil ‘The Unheard Playlist’ showcasing the indispensable role of female artists in music. The creative idea proceeded in the way that all the popular songs, solos, or duets done by female singers will mute female notes in the song. The playlist initially seemed like a regular one, but as listeners tuned in, they were in for a surprise. The message was loud and clear – female artists play an integral role in music creation. This innovative approach not only highlighted the importance of supporting gender equality in the music industry but also showcased the power of collaborative partnerships in bringing meaningful change.

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As this campaign was tangling viewers in confusion, the main agenda of this campaign was revealed by popular female artists of the country such as top Asees Kaur, Shweta Mohan, and Sanah Moidutty who encourage viewers to support and amplify the voices of female artists. This campaign clearly was very effective and satirically a catchy one which left no corner of advertisement to reach the right audience with right message.

Sameet Soni, content-lead, WondrLab India, said, “Modern day advertising is about using platforms in the best manner to engage with consumers. We’ve seen such trends typically in categories such as gaming, interactive videos etc. By muting the female vocals in popular duet songs, in Hindi and other regional languages, we used music innovatively, on a music platform itself.”

Amit Akali, CCO and co-founder, Wondrlab India, said, “What we’ve pulled-off thanks to Spotify and Sony Music India is amazing. And the act has taken a life of its own, with the top music artists in the country actually spreading it and getting our message ‘heard’.”

It is imperative to recognize and address gender inequality in the music industry. The exclusion of female voices not only perpetuates inequality but also hinders the growth and diversity of music. Female voice in music industry is not just to add toneality but it’s gives a huge different impact on whole music synchronisation. Our country’s nightangle Late Lata Mangeshkar, Shreya Ghosal , Alka Yagnik and many other melodies female singer have mark their rigid landmark in the music industry. Spotify ad has given us a thought to think that we need to create a more inclusive and equitable space for all artists, regardless of their gender. By amplifying female voices and giving them equal opportunities to showcase their talent, we can promote a positive change in the industry and create a more vibrant and diverse music culture for everyone to enjoy.

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