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Aamir Khan: An Actor Whose Brand Endorsements are as Iconic as His Roles

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Age is just a number, but talent, passion, and hard work are timeless. And no one embodies these qualities more than Aamir Khan, who celebrates his 58th birthday today. As an actor, director, and social reformer, Khan’s contributions to the Indian film industry and society at large are immeasurable. But his impact extends far beyond his movies and TV shows. As a brand ambassador, Aamir Khan’s endorsement deals have helped boost the profiles of some of the world’s biggest brands, cementing his status as an icon both on and off the screen. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at Aamir Khan’s brand endorsement journey and why he’s become one of the most sought-after ambassadors for companies looking to make an impact in the Indian market.

Brand Endorsement Journey

Coca Cola

From the early 2000s, Aamir became the face of Coca-Cola and featured in several memorable ads that captured the attention of the public. One of the most memorable ads among them was with the tagline “Coca Cola ho jaaye” in which Aishwarya Rai was also featured in it. The ad campaign became a huge success and is still etched into the minds of viewers today. With his natural charm and relatable appeal, Aamir proved to be an ideal choice for the brand and helped boost sales for Coca-Cola.


Aamir Khan has been the brand ambassador of the Indian ed-tech company, Vedantu, since 2020. The Bengaluru-based company signed Khan for its multimedia ad campaign aimed at addressing parents’ concerns about online learning. Vedantu’s CMO, Shivani Suri, said that Aamir Khan perfectly embodies the role of an involved parent while bringing his own charm to the character. Vedantu’s platform allows students to browse, discover and choose to learn from an online teacher using a real-time virtual learning environment named WAVE.


Aamir Khan was signed as the brand ambassador for Datsun India in 2020 for its ‘ExperienceChange’ campaign. The president of Nissan India operations, Thomas Kuehl, stated that Aamir embodies the bold and fearless attitude of the new generation who strive for excellence, making him the perfect fit for the campaign. The actor has been featured in multimedia ads for the campaign, promoting Datsun’s high-quality yet affordable vehicles targeted at emerging markets.


Aamir Khan was signed as a brand ambassador for Tata Sky in 2008. The CEO and Managing Director of Tata Sky, Vikram Kaushik, stated that Aamir was a perfect fit for the brand as he embodies trust, high-quality entertainment, and innovation. Aamir was featured in all Tata Sky brand and product communication, including advertisements on TV, print, radio, and outdoor mediums. Aamir expressed his delight in being associated with Tata Sky, a brand that epitomizes continued innovation and excellence in home entertainment. Tata Sky has been recognized as an innovator in the Indian pay television industry and was the also first brand to offer interactive services for every member of a family.


Aamir Khan has been associated with Starplus as the brand ambassador for its Nayi Soch campaign since 2016. The campaign ‘Nayi Soch’ was aimed at inspiring social change and featured many thought-provoking ads and programs. Aamir Khan appeared in a commercial for the campaign, which had the tagline Nayi Soch meaning new thinking. Aamir Khan’s image as a socially responsible and thought-provoking actor perfectly fit the campaign’s message and helped in increasing the channel’s popularity. Furthermore, he was also seen in the commercial of  #SachMein? #StarValuePack. 


Aamir Khan was announced as the brand ambassador for Walkaroo, an Indian footwear brand, in 2019. The brand has been growing due to its marketing strategy that includes both retail and e-commerce. Aamir Khan was featured in a multi-media campaign called “Be Restless” to target a younger audience. The actor expressed his excitement to be a part of Walkaroo’s journey and to help youth across India move ahead confidently and comfortably. Walkaroo originally started with made-in-house sports sandals, but later expanded its product portfolio to include flip-flops, casual shoes, sandals, and loafers at affordable prices.


Aamir Khan was signed along with Alia Bhatt as the brand ambassador for PhonePe, a top Indian fintech company known for digital payments and financial services applications, in 2019. As part of the company’s multimedia ad campaigns, the two actors appear in six commercials showcasing a storyline where a skeptical Aamir Khan gradually gets convinced by Alia Bhatt to become a PhonePe customer. Aamir Khan’s popularity and influence make him a perfect fit for promoting digital payments, and his credibility and trustworthiness help to increase customer confidence in PhonePe’s services.


Aamir Khan has been signed as the brand ambassador for the pharmacy platform, PharmEasy in 2022. The new campaign titled #GharBaitheBaitheTakeItEasy features Aamir Khan in a set of quirky and disruptive commercials, where he plays three roles of a PharmEasy delivery person. The campaign is aimed at building up the brand and creating consumer awareness for healthcare in India. Gaurav Verma, CMO at API Holdings, said that collaborating with Aamir Khan fills them with immense joy, and additionally the brand aims to reach more people while making affordable healthcare accessible to everyone with this association.

So, Aamir Khan’s brand endorsement journey as a brand ambassador has been as successful and iconic as his roles on the silver screen. From Coca-Cola to PharmEasy, he has lent his star power and credibility to some of the world’s biggest brands, also helping to boost their profiles and reach in the Indian market. Aamir’s ability to connect with audiences through his natural charm, relatable appeal, and socially responsible image has made him a sought-after ambassador for companies looking to make an impact. So, as he celebrates his 58th birthday, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this talented actor, director, and brand icon. Happy birthday, Aamir Khan!

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