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Stayfree Launches a New Campaign Redefining Period Night Protection

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Stayfree, a renowned menstrual hygiene brand, has recently unveiled a new digital campaign for Stayfree Secure Nights. This initiative aims to highlight the distinct needs for period nights and days, emphasizing the necessity of using different pads for optimal protection and comfort. The campaign Conceptualized by DDB, brings to light the unique challenges women face during period nights and introduces a solution to address these issues effectively.

Stayfree: Understanding the Need for Different Pads

Insights from IPSOS Research

According to a study by IPSOS Research Private Limited, 42% of the 2294 women surveyed confirmed that they alter their sleeping positions during heavy flow days of their periods. This change is often driven by the discomfort and anxiety associated with potential leakage and staining during the night. The survey underscores the need for specialized sanitary products catering to period nights’ unique requirements.

Stayfree: Addressing Night-Time Discomfort

To tackle the discomfort experienced by women during period nights, Stayfree Secure Nights sanitary napkins are designed with enhanced features. These pads offer 2X better coverage due to their longer length and wider back, ensuring up to 100% leakage protection. The cottony soft cover adds to the comfort, making it gentle on the skin and reducing irritation.

The Digital Film: Capturing Real-Life Challenges

Highlighting Period Night Difficulties

The new digital film captures the real-life challenges women encounter during period nights. It portrays a woman struggling to find a comfortable sleeping posture due to the fear of leakage and staining. This visual representation resonates with many women who face similar issues during their menstrual cycle.

Introducing Stayfree Secure Nights

The narrative of the film shifts as the protagonist discovers Stayfree Secure Nights. With its superior design, the pad enables her to sleep in any position without worrying about leakage. This transformation highlights the importance of choosing the right pad for night-time protection and comfort, ultimately allowing for a worry-free sleep.

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Expert Insights: Manoj Gadgil on the Campaign

Manoj Gadgil, Vice President of Marketing and Essential Health Business Unit Head at Kenvue, emphasizes the brand’s commitment to addressing the discomforts associated with period nights. He states, “As a brand, we know that period nights can make most women feel compelled to sleep in one position due to fear of leakage and staining. And this becomes one more discomfort related to periods for women to manage. We designed Stayfree Secure Nights to solve this consumer problem with a superior cottony soft pad which is longer in length* and wider in the back* providing up to 100% protection# from leakage and staining while sleeping. Our latest campaign helps women find a solution to their night-time leakage worries during periods, so they can sleep worry-free through the night.”

Campaign Reach and Platforms

The Stayfree Secure Nights campaign will be featured across various digital platforms, including YouTube, Meta, and leading OTT channels. This broad reach ensures that the message of night-time protection and comfort reaches a wide audience, encouraging women to make informed choices about their menstrual hygiene products.

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Stayfree’s new campaign effectively highlights the necessity of using different pads for period nights and days. By addressing the unique challenges women face during their menstrual cycles, the brand provides a solution that promotes worry-free sleep and enhanced comfort. Stayfree Secure Nights is set to make a significant impact on how women approach their menstrual hygiene, ensuring they can rest easy, even during their periods.

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