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Tata Power launches its ‘Green Anthem’ in its latest campaign, promoting environmental responsibility.

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Celebrating World Environment Day, Tata Power, a leading integrated power company in India, unveiled its newest campaign film, titled the ‘Green Anthem’. This film strives to ignite environmental awareness and encourage sustainable initiatives, urging individuals to embrace the ethos of the ‘Generation Green’.

Tata Power launches ‘Green Anthem’

Tata Power, a key player in India’s integrated power sector, marked World Environment Day by unveiling its latest campaign film, the ‘Green Anthem’. This initiative aims to cultivate environmental awareness and encourage sustainable actions, inspiring individuals to embody the spirit of the ‘Generation Green’.

Tata Power’s Commitment to Green Initiatives:

This endeavor aligns with Tata Power’s enduring dedication to a greener tomorrow, echoing its Club Enerji program’s mission. Club Enerji empowers students to take proactive roles in energy conservation and climate advocacy.

Empowering the Youth for a Greener Future:

With its tagline “Hum hai Generation Green, Desh ka future hoga behtareen” (We are Generation Green, our country’s future will be better than it has ever been), Tata Power underscores the pivotal role of the youth in shaping India’s environmentally sustainable future.

Importance of Early Environmental Education:

The anthem stresses the significance of early environmental education, highlighting initiatives like Club Enerji that engage children in crucial conversations about climate consciousness. Club Enerji focuses on experiential STEM education and clean energy awareness, currently active in over 1000 schools nationwide.

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Accelerating India’s Green Transition:

Tata Power drives India’s green transition through various solutions like Rooftop Solar, EV Charging, and Smart Home Automation. These efforts align with government initiatives such as Lifestyle for Environment (LiFE) and promote the adoption of sustainable lifestyles.

Sustainability Initiatives and Consumer Empowerment:

Tata Power fosters awareness and consumer empowerment through sustainability initiatives like #DuniyaApneHawale and ‘Sustainable is Attainable’. These initiatives advocate for sustainable lifestyles through the adoption of green solutions.

Celebrating World Environment Month: In alignment with World Environment Month’s theme “Our Land. Our Future”, Tata Power launches a series of audio-visual and animated films exploring natural themes. These films aim to deepen connections with nature and promote green energy development.

Alignment with Tata Group’s Sustainability Month:

Tata Power’s campaign synchronizes with Tata Group’s Sustainability Month, aiming to spur action and awareness during World Environment Month.

Tata Power’s Green Energy Goals:

Committed to becoming India’s preferred green energy brand, Tata Power aims to achieve 70% capacity generation from clean and green energy sources by 2023, and carbon net neutrality by 2045.

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Reflecting Tata Power’s Environmental Stewardship:

The ‘Green Anthem’ reflects Tata Power’s commitment to fostering environmental stewardship and empowering the youth to lead in sustainability. Through initiatives like Club Enerji, Tata Power continues to drive positive change towards a greener, more sustainable future.


In conclusion, Tata Power’s launch of the ‘Green Anthem’ campaign symbolizes its unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship. Through initiatives like Club Enerji and sustainable solutions, Tata Power not only accelerates India’s green transition but also empowers the youth to champion sustainability. With a vision for a greener future and ambitious green energy goals, Tata Power stands at the forefront of driving positive change towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

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