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UpGrad new campaign “Aage Ki Socho” encourages to focus on career upskilling

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upGrad introduces the ‘Aage Ki Socho’ campaign, emphasizing the imperative to upskill in today’s tech-centric era for professional resilience and success.

UpGrad new campaign “Aage Ki Socho”

upGrad unveils its latest brand initiative, ‘AageKiSocho,’ stressing the critical need for upskilling in today’s technology-driven landscape.

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Developed by BBH India, the campaign underscores the importance of forward thinking to overcome career stagnation commonly caused by the ‘snoozing’ culture among both seasoned professionals and newcomers.

Fueled by the resonant jingle, “Ab Sara India ‘AageyKiSoch’ raha hain upGrad pe; Seekh Raha Hain Kuch Naya, Online, upGrad se!” the audio element serves as a powerful call to action, urging individuals to embrace new learning opportunities. Crafted by filmmaker Anupam Mishra and produced by Belief Films, the narrative revolves around positive career outcomes and the abundance of opportunities amid the ongoing global industrial revolution.

What do experts have to say about this campaign?

UpGrad new campaign "Aage Ki Socho" encourages to focus on career upskilling
Ankit Khirwal

Ankit Khirwal, Head of Marketing, upGrad said, “Aage Ki Socho is an important rendition that has been designed very carefully to drive our youth to inculcate an action-driven mindset. Indians need to move away from their traditional education perspectives that emphasise learning as a linear progression. It’s rather the hour for precise and well-timed reskilling and upskilling that enables our talent to attract better opportunities and strengthen our global standing. With a forward-thinking approach at the helm, upGrad continues to encourage a million lives to make upskilling an important investment for one’s betterment and career ROI, further building a generation of resilient leaders.”

Parikshit Bhattaccharya, CCO, BBH India, said, In a world of rapid change and unpredictability, the ability to learn is the key to thriving. The #AageKiSocho campaign challenges the ‘pehle padhai phir baaki sab’ mindset, breaking free from the notion that education has a deadline. It’s a bold push, urging us to rethink our learning journey—whether switching careers, elevating lifestyles, or mastering new subjects. Education becomes the transformative force, changing our orbits and propelling us forward. Aage Ki Socho, because learning is not bound by timelines; it’s the compass guiding us in both career and life.”

UpGrad new campaign "Aage Ki Socho" encourages to focus on career upskilling
Parikshit Bhattaccharya

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In conclusion, upGrad’s ‘AageKiSocho’ campaign emerges as a rallying cry for individuals navigating the dynamic landscape of today’s tech-dominated era. By challenging the ‘snoozing’ culture prevalent among working professionals and freshers, the campaign, with its thought-provoking jingle and compelling narrative, encourages a proactive approach to career growth. As we face the transformative wave of the global industrial revolution, upGrad’s initiative serves as a timely reminder for all to prioritize continuous upskilling, embrace forward thinking, and seize the abundant opportunities that lie ahead in the pursuit of professional success.

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