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Finolex Industries Unveils Fresh New Logo, Signaling Change and Growth

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In a strategic move reflecting its commitment to evolution and customer-centric values, Finolex Industries recently unveiled a fresh new and vibrant logo. This announcement comes as the company aggressively consolidates its position in the market and expands into new territories over the past year.

The new logo gracefully evolves while retaining a sense of familiarity and consistency. Prominently featuring the colors yellow and blue, each carrying distinct symbolism, it symbolizes optimism, happiness, reliability, and trust – values that Finolex has diligently built over its impressive four-decade journey.

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Unwavering Focus: Pipes & Fittings of the Highest Quality

Speaking about this change in logo, Prakash P Chhabria, executive chairman, shared, “Our logo has evolved, but our focus hasn’t. Since the beginning, we have been single-mindedly focused on supporting our customers with Pipes & Fittings of the highest quality. Every decision we’ve made, every addition and growth to our company has only been to further this commitment. This focus is now visualized in our new logo.”

The Beginning of a New Phase: Insights from the Executive Chairman

Prakash P Chhabria aptly summarizes the significance of the new logo, stating, “The new logo is not a culmination, but the beginning of a new phase for us.” This statement echoes the company’s forward-looking mindset, signaling that the logo change is more than just a visual transformation; it marks the commencement of an exciting new chapter in Finolex Industries’ journey.

Finolex Industries New Logo: A Symbol of Resilience and Dedication

As the company continues to innovate and uphold its commitment to quality, the new logo stands as a symbol of Finolex’s resilience, adaptability, and enduring dedication to its customers. It represents a visual testament to the values that have defined Finolex Industries over the years and sets the tone for the company’s future endeavors in the ever-evolving business landscape.

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