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Vicks iconic campaign One In A Million #TouchOfCare

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Last year, Vicks’ #TouchOfCare campaign captured countless hearts and earned numerous awards. This year, Vicks unveils a new film, an extension of their successful campaign, titled “One in a Million.” Like its predecessor, this film is equally compelling and thought-provoking.

Vicks iconic campaign One In A Million #TouchOfCare


Last year, Vicks’ #TouchOfCare campaign garnered immense admiration and a multitude of awards. This year, Vicks returns with another film, extending the success of their #TouchOfCare campaign, titled “One in a Million.” Similar to its predecessor, this film is equally compelling and enlightening.

First Film Synopsis:

Vicks’ initial film portrayed the touching bond between a transgender mother and her adopted daughter. The second film continues this theme, illustrating how love transcends biological ties. “One in a Million” follows Nisha, a young girl with Ichthyosis, as she learns to overcome adversity with the unwavering love of her adoptive parents.

Second Film Synopsis:

“One in a Million” showcases Nisha’s journey, highlighting her resilience in the face of hatred due to her hereditary skin condition. Through the nurturing care of her adoptive parents, the film beautifully portrays the power of love to triumph over adversity.

Reaffirmation of Care:

Both films redefine the essence of care, emphasizing that familial bonds extend beyond genetics. They underscore the significance of extraordinary acts of love in making the world more beautiful, compassionate, and harmonious. With “One in a Million,” Vicks aims to inspire countless individuals globally.


Brand: P&G

Product: Vicks

Campaign: One in a million

Advertising Agency: Publicis Singapore

Chief Creative Officer: Ajay Thrivikraman

Director: Anand Gandhi

Production House: Offroad Films

Executive Producer: Khalil Bachooali


In conclusion, Vicks’ “One in a Million” campaign continues to exemplify the transformative power of love and care, transcending societal norms and biological boundaries. Through poignant storytelling and heartfelt narratives, Vicks not only touches the lives of individuals like Nisha but also inspires a global audience to embrace compassion and understanding. With each film, Vicks reaffirms its commitment to fostering a world where every individual, regardless of their background, receives the love and support they deserve.

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