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Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, these brands have amazing Valentine’s Campaign for You.

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Happy Valentine’s Day Masala readers.

Love is in the air, and so are brand with their creative Valentine’s Day campaigns. With February 14th being one of the most special and lovable festivals worldwide, brands are showing their customers some love with creative and quirky ad campaigns. From introducing the first AI-led campaign to some really cute and heartfelt message-driven campaigns, brands have served the platter of Valentine’s extremely well.

Here is the list of brands that came up with an amazing Valentine’s day campaign.

1. Bharat Matrimony

Bharat Matrimony, a renowned matchmaking service, has recently released a pioneering marketing campaign called “My Perfect Valentine” that showcases an AI-generated entity known as Aaditya Iyer. This marks a significant milestone for India, as it is the first marketing campaign to utilize advanced AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney.

Although ChatGPT generated Aaditya Iyer’s words and thoughts, Midjourney was utilized to create his world, face, and overall appearance. Through Instagram, Aaditya began sharing his thoughts and images, gaining a staggering 10K followers within three days. As he celebrated various romantic holidays and expressed his intention to find a valentine, he generated excitement among his followers. However, on Valentine’s Day, it was revealed that Aaditya Iyer was not a real person, but rather a campaign created to emphasize the importance of connecting with genuine individuals in the pursuit of true love. People had already developed a fondness for Aaditya when this huge reveal happened and it left everybody in shock that Adiyta is not a real person but an AI

2. Cadbury Dairy Milk

On Valentine’s Day, young couples often strive to make the occasion special and anticipate that their significant other will reciprocate their affection. Unfortunately, not everyone is fortunate enough to find love, and some may experience heartbreak from rejection. Although some people may take it in stride, others may not handle it as well. In an effort to promote healthy love on Valentine’s Day, Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk has launched its “Unforgettable Love Tips” campaign.

The whole campaign is curated by keeping GEN Z and their behavior towards love in mind. Every Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk package will include a QR Code that directs customers to a dedicated microsite showcasing a collection of distinct and engaging ideas curated and presented by social media celebrities. Among these notables are the widely recognized musician, Armaan Malik, renowned YouTuber Prajakta Koli, and world travelers Vidit Taneja and Savi Munjal.

3. Cadbury 5 Star

Valentine’s Day is a time for couples to express their love and affection towards each other, but it can be a difficult time for single people who may feel left out of the celebrations. Public places like parks, restaurants, and cinemas become cluttered with couples who are out to celebrate the occasion, making it difficult for single people to enjoy their time out. To address this issue, Cadbury 5 Star launched an innovative app that helps single people avoid crowded public places known as “mush zones”. The app indicates the location of mush zones, allowing single people to navigate through them with ease and avoid the crowds, thereby helping them enjoy their day in peace. This thoughtful and clever approach is sure to be appreciated by those who want to steer clear of the lovey-dovey crowds on Valentine’s Day.

The brand Cadbury 5 Star has taken a unique approach to Valentine’s Day, expressing its opposition to the holiday of love. In the Bandra region of Mumbai, they have created a V-Day Evacuation Zone where people are required to decontaminate themselves before entering to eliminate any “residual mush.” According to Sukesh Nayak, the chief creative officer of Ogilvy, the brand philosophy of “Do Nothing” inspired this approach. Additionally, Cadbury 5 Star has partnered with brands such as Keventers, Smaash, and Frozen Bottle to establish mush-free zones on Valentine’s Day.

4. came up with the most relatable campaign for singles.’s campaign “Angry Bull: A Valentine Story” is a hilarious take on the woes of being single. The bull takes the center stage and the story revolves around him, depicting how he can relate to the plight of single people. It’s not just any ordinary bull, but one that’s as frustrated with his single life as the rest of us! The bull’s angry antics and funny expressions are sure to have you in splits, and you can’t help but relate to his struggles.

The humorous storyline, coupled with the bull’s amusing mannerisms and irritable expressions, is bound to leave viewers in fits of laughter. This campaign stands out as an excellent illustration of the power of humor in connecting with an audience and creating a lasting impression. By incorporating comedy into its advertising strategy, has found a unique and effective way to reach out to singles and raise awareness about its brand. The whole comment section was speaking only one thing, “My spirit animal is this Saand (bull)”.

5. Swiggy

Swiggy has yet again delivered a campaign that will make you go aww, and crave some food at the same time! No humans were harmed in the making of this ad, just a series of text messages with a sweet voice-over narration. It takes you on a journey of the different stages of a relationship, from initial attraction to deep commitment, and even the occasional fight. But the real twist in this love story is that it all started with a Swiggy delivery gone wrong! In Bangalore, a guy’s food order is accidentally delivered to his neighbor, a girl. And thus begins a journey of love, food, and misdelivered orders.

Nabil Kureshi, Head of Production, and Balaji Padmanabhan, Account Manager at Talented, “One of the biggest reasons it turned out so well is because we treated it like a short film and not an ad,” says Pooja Manek, Founding Member and Creative at Talented. “Despite showing only Swiggy UI, what still stands out and lingers is the story of Aashna and Raghav, who found love at the most unexpected place,”.

6. Domino’s Pizza India

Domino’s has launched a heart-shaped pizza to mark the occasion of Valentine’s Day, giving customers the opportunity to express their affection through food. The campaign, called #SayItWithAPizza, caters to millennials and Gen Z’s love of using food to demonstrate their emotions, showcasing the ups and downs of modern dating. The brand has also created a social media campaign that includes a three-part Instagram reel series that follows the experiences of a couple in a “situationship.” To make the campaign more engaging, the characters have their own Instagram accounts, with Domino’s serving as the matchmaker.

7. Manforce Condoms

The campaign was all about keeping the romance alive and encouraging couples to explore their deepest fantasies without any inhibitions. Manforce Condoms, known for its innovative marketing strategies, went all out to create a steamy and adventurous experience for its audience.

To make the campaign a success, the brand collaborated with popular influencers and content creators in the industry. RJ Rahul Makin and RJ Rochie Rana, both known for their quirky and relatable content, were among the influencers roped in by Manforce Condoms. Satish Ray and Gaurav Kapoor, who are popular content creators, also played a key role in promoting the campaign and spreading the message to a wider audience.

The aim of the campaign was to help couples break out of their comfort zones and embrace their wildest desires with open arms. Manforce Condoms positioned itself as a brand that supports and encourages people to have healthy, safe, and fulfilling sexual experiences.

8. CaratLane

CaratLane, a famous jewelry brand, has launched a Valentine’s Day campaign called “Khul Ke Karo Express” that aims to help customers express their feelings and emotions. The campaign features multiple real-life stories of CaratLane customers and their relationships, including spouses, mothers and daughters, siblings, and self-gifting.

While gifting to spouses remains the majority of the orders during Valentine’s Day, CaratLane has observed an increasing trend of other relationships like mother-daughter, sibling-gifting, and self-gifting. The campaign video showcases the diverse and complex relationships between a father and daughter, a husband and wife, and a son and mother, highlighting the various ways people express their love and affection.

To add a personal touch to their Valentine’s Day gifts, CaratLane has introduced an exclusive message card in their gift box that comes with a QR code and an AR activation feature in stores. This allows customers to add a customized message without any hesitation and create a unique and unforgettable jewelry experience.

Overall, the “Khul Ke Karo Express” campaign by CaratLane is all about celebrating love and encouraging people to express their emotions freely, no matter the type of relationship. The brand’s focus on creating a personalized and memorable gifting experience shows its commitment to providing its customers with a unique and meaningful way to express their love.

9. Melorra

Melorra, a popular jewelry brand, has launched a new social media campaign called #PartnerInSuccess for the season of love. The campaign aims to promote the idea of equal efforts, love, time, and care in romantic relationships.

The #PartnerInSuccess campaign challenges the traditional notion that gifting is a one-way street, and men are the only ones who can gift jewelry to their partners. The brand believes that women can also express their love through thoughtful gifts for their partners. The underlying message is that relationships have evolved, and so should gifting.

To bring this idea to life, Melorra has released a video ad that showcases the changing dynamics of relationships and the importance of expressing love and appreciation to one’s partner. The ad emphasizes that both partners should put in equal effort to make the relationship successful and special.

10. Agency Masala

Agency Masala never fails to pour out the heart of a corporate person on any occasion and this time it’s Valentine’s day. 🥲

Instead of enjoying a candlelit dinner with their significant other, corporate buddies will be spending the evening blazing cuddling with their laptops. While everyone else is out there enjoying romantic dates and bouquets of roses, we’re here in our cubicles, typing away furiously and silently hating on every line by the client, saying, “Can we do one more change please?”

While others are enjoying romantic evenings with their loved ones, we’ll be sitting in front of our computer screens, swiping through PowerPoint slides and wondering if we’ll ever get a chance to find true love.

Here’s to all the corporate folks out there – “Happy Valentine’s Day” May your workload be light, your deadlines be manageable, and your hearts be full of hope for getting clients’ saying approval at once. Or at least, a day when you can leave the office on time.

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