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Virat Kohli & Yashraj Mukhate Team Up For Too Yum Campaign

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It was an unexpected yet delightful collaboration, witnessing the quirky maestros Virat Kohli and Yashraj Mukhate groove to the Too Yumm anthem “Cup Layega India.

Released exclusively on Instagram, the vertical video marks the launch of Too Yumm!’s anthem for the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup. Yashraj Mukhate’s musical prowess came to the forefront as he composed the track, while the brand’s long-standing endorser since 2017, Virat Kohli, takes center stage in the production.

Notably, the vertical format of the video is of particular significance, as it offers a glimpse into the future of advertising on Disney+ Hotstar during the Cricket World Cup. This innovative approach to video presentation hints at the evolving landscape of digital marketing and content consumption.

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Virat Kohli And Yashraj Mukhate Too Yumm Campaign

Mukhate shared a captivating video on Instagram, and it’s not just any video – it’s an ad for the delectable chips brand, Too Yumm! The video kicks off with a delightful exchange between the dynamic duo as Mukhate pays a visit to Kohli. Their banter begins with Kohli insisting that Mukhate doesn’t need to address him as “sir” or Mr. Kohli, setting a playful tone for what’s to come.

With a mischievous smile, Kohli humorously questions how he has fans and even teases Mukhate, pretending not to recognize him and asking who he is. Mukhate, keeping the fun spirit alive, introduces himself and inquires if Kohli has heard of his name and the viral sensation, “Rasode Mein Koun Tha.” Kohli pretends to play coy and playfully suggests that Mukhate might be flaunting his social media following. However, he quickly reassures Mukhate that he’s just joking.

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Taking the interaction forward, Kohli requests Mukhate to unveil the jingle he’s crafted for the Too Yumm campaign. The infectious tune carries the lyrics, “India cup layega (India will bring the cup),” creating an instant connection with the cricket-loving audience.

The video has garnered rave reviews from fans and followers, with one Instagram user praising Kohli’s acting skills and another exclaiming, “THIS IS THE GREATEST!” A third user couldn’t contain their excitement, noting that this collaboration was a dream come true. Together, Virat Kohli and Yashraj Mukhate have served up a Too Yumm campaign that’s as irresistible as the chips themselves, promising entertainment and flavor in every bite.


In summary, the collaboration between Virat Kohli and Yashraj Mukhate for the Too Yumm! campaign has struck a chord with audiences, offering a refreshing blend of humor and creativity in advertising. The playful banter between the cricketing legend and the viral music sensation showcased in a vertical video on Instagram, has created a buzz, setting the stage for an entertaining lead-up to the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup. This campaign not only highlights the duo’s chemistry but also provides a glimpse into the future of digital advertising, making it a memorable and engaging marketing initiative in the world of sports and entertainment.

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