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Zivame Launches #CheckYourselfOut Campaign To Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

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To raise breast cancer awareness, Zivame introduced the “Check Yourself Out” initiative, offering a fresh perspective on daily mirror self-reflection. Zivame leverages mirrors to champion a vital cause: inspiring women to conduct self-exams for early breast cancer detection. This inventive approach magnifies the influence of a daily routine, promoting proactive health awareness.

What Is Zivame #CheckYourselfOut Campaign

Zivame, a prominent destination for women’s intimate wear in India, has launched the “Check Yourself Out” campaign with the goal of transforming how women interact with mirrors. This innovative initiative seeks to raise awareness about breast cancer by reimagining the act of self-reflection in front of mirrors, a daily ritual for many women.

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The campaign is being implemented across Zivame’s extensive network of 165+ stores in India. The fitting room mirrors are now adorned with Pink Ribbons and co-branded stickers featuring the campaign’s hashtag, #CheckYourselfOut, and a QR code that leads to an informative landing page. This page offers step-by-step guidance on self-examination and shares intriguing data about breast cancer. To expand the campaign’s reach, Zivame has strategically placed co-branded QR codes on mirrors in the top 33 malls across the country.

In a strategic partnership with Manipal Hospitals, Zivame is further encouraging consumers to take proactive steps. Customers who make a purchase with Zivame are entitled to an exclusive 15% discount on mammography services at Manipal Hospitals. In a collective effort to champion breast cancer awareness, Zivame, Manipal Hospitals, and SAP organized a Walkathon on October 18, which saw the participation of over 250 people. This Walkathon aimed to increase awareness about the importance of regular self-examination and mammography in the fight against breast cancer.

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What Do Experts Have To Say About This Campaign?

Zivame Launches #CheckYourselfOut Campaign To Raise Breast Cancer Awareness
Khatija Lokhandwala

Khatija Lokhandwala, Head – Brand Marketing, Zivame, said, “The campaign encourages every glance in the mirror to be a moment of self-care and empowerment. It not only encourages women to embrace their unique beauty but also nudges them to regularly self- examine since early detection is key.”


In conclusion, Zivame’s “Check Yourself Out” campaign is a remarkable initiative that transcends the simple act of looking in the mirror. It’s a powerful and innovative way to promote breast cancer awareness by encouraging women to perform self-examinations for early detection. Through their network of stores and mall installations, Zivame has effectively utilized mirrors to convey this important message. Their partnership with Manipal Hospitals, offering discounts on mammography services, further incentivizes women to take charge of their health.

The recent Walkathon, in collaboration with Manipal Hospitals and SAP, was a resounding success, bringing together hundreds of participants to emphasize the significance of regular self-examination and mammography in the fight against breast cancer. It’s a testament to the impact a well-executed awareness campaign can have in empowering women to prioritize their health. Zivame’s “Check Yourself Out” campaign is not just about mirrors; it’s about reflecting on the importance of early detection and taking proactive steps towards a healthier future.

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