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Myntra Goes Gen Z with the Launch of FWD.

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Myntra, a fashion portal backed by Flipkart, has launched FWD, an in-platform experience that provides different brands and curated styles customized for Gen-Z shoppers. This announcement comes shortly after Amazon, Myntra’s competitor, unveiled a comparable feature on its platform.

What is FWD

Myntra is making yet another move to win over the hearts of Gen-Zs all over the world with its latest platform addition – FWD. This immersive fashion experience is designed specifically for this young demographic, providing them with easy access to new styles and trends at affordable prices. According to Sunder Balasubramanian, Myntra’s Chief Marketing Officer, the reason behind this new initiative is that Gen-Z audiences are primarily influenced by trends when it comes to their fashion choices.

Gen-Zs are all about staying ahead of the game, which means having access to the latest trends with just a click of a button – no matter where they are in the world. In India, Myntra’s app receives significant traffic, with 40-45% of it coming from Tier II and III cities. To keep up with the fast-paced demands of this tech-savvy generation, Sunder Balasubramanian, Chief Marketing Officer at Myntra, explains how the company is constantly evolving to meet its needs.

Why is Myntra focusing on Gen Z?

Gen-Zs are often referred to as “digital natives” and are known to spend almost 8 hours a day online. This demographic is heavily influenced by fashion influencers from all around the globe, which is why FWD’s user experience was developed with a visual-first approach to shopping. To help these young shoppers stay on top of the latest trends, FWD features sections dedicated to specific fashion styles, such as graphic tees, co-ord sets, and streetwear.

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Looks like Myntra has some big plans for the future – they’re targeting an additional 10 million Gen-Z customers over the next two years, which would be in addition to their existing base of 8.6 million Gen-Z customers as of 2022. That’s a lot of young shoppers to woo, but knowing Myntra, they’re up for the challenge.

Gen-Zs are here, and they mean business! With a global purchasing power of a whopping $360 billion (that’s a lot of zeros), these young guns are driving the fashion industry crazy with their funky sense of style. From crop tops to ribbed dresses, chunky sneakers, and baggy jeans, these trendsetters are unstoppable. And let’s not forget, 20% of them are based in India, so you know they’re making a massive impact here. Watch out world, Gen-Zs are taking over, one quirky fashion choice at a time.

Myntra’s FWD section is closely associated with Stylecast, a program where brands team up with Myntra to produce exclusive fashion lines. Given that Gen-Z consumers are highly influenced by social media, Myntra has created a section on its app, called Myntra Studio, to showcase influencer-generated content, including both static posts and short videos, across a variety of topics, such as fashion, beauty, and home decor.

Myntra FWD has collaborated with more than 500 creators, including Radhika Seth, Sanket Mehta, Aditi Bhatia, and Manav Chhabra, to drive engagement on the platform. In addition, Myntra has partnered with Bollywood photographer and content creator Viral Bhayani, whose stream of the best-spotted celebrity looks will be accessible on the app. Users can also purchase their preferred celebrity looks via Celeb Style Files.

“As we build for many Indias, Gen-Z is an important cohort that we continue to take deep interest in. Their individualistic sense of style, diverse points of view and core values reflect in their unique fashion choices and is steadily impacting the way fashion is being consumed at a global-level,” Nandita Sinha, CEO, Myntra, said.

Which brands will be available on FWD?

FWD, the new section on Myntra’s platform, will offer a wide range of fashion brands, including more than 500 names like H&M, Trendyol, bebe, Tokyo Talkies, Sassafras, Hersheinbox, Street 9, Athena, Bonkers Corner, and Boohoo. Additionally, Myntra’s own private-label brands, such as Roadster and Sangria, will also be available through FWD.

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During its launch phase, FWD will provide over 65,000 style choices from over 500 brands including H&M. It plans to expand the offerings to more than 1 lakh by the end of the year.

To enhance the shopping experience, FWD will have a Daily Drop Widget that offers daily updates on new styles, and an automated flow of personalized content and trends based on the shopper’s preferences. Additionally, within the initial weeks of its launch, FWD will introduce unique shoppable video content designed for Gen-Z audiences in the form of reels on the FWD homepage to make their shopping experience more seamless and enjoyable.

When can users start using FWD?

The Myntra FWD offering is available on the high-engagement bottom navigation bar of the Myntra app.

Myntra Launch FWD

Has Gen Z become the new favorite of the brands?

It’s time for Gen Z to shine, and boy, are they shining brighter than a diamond in a disco ball. Brands have finally realized that these young trendsetters are the real deal, and they’re not afraid to show it. From TikTok dances to Instagram reels, Gen Z is dominating the social media scene, and brands are taking notice. They’re catering to their needs and wants, from sustainable fashion to plant-based burgers, all while still managing to keep things cool and edgy. So, if you thought your favorite brands were already hip and happening, just wait till you see what they have in store for the Gen Z squad. It’s time to embrace the new cool kids on the block.

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