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Center Fruit’s ‘Mood Ting Tong League’ with Harmanpreet Kaur & RJ Sukriti

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Center Fruit, the popular chewing gum brand from Perfetti Van Melle India, has launched its latest campaign ‘Mood Ting Tong League’ to capitalize on the cricket season in India and the passion for gully cricket matches played in housing societies and playgrounds. The brand has brought on board Indian Women’s cricket team captain Harmanpreet Kaur and digital influencer RJ Sukriti to showcase their cricketing skills and quirky banter while playing with Center Fruit’s unique Tennis Ball shaped chewing gum.

The ‘Mood Ting Tong League’ campaign aims to mirror India’s passion for sports, especially Women’s cricket, by bringing alive the fervor through the idea of gully cricket. Harmanpreet Kaur, who led the Mumbai Indians to victory in the first Women’s Premier League, is the perfect fit to champion this idea and inspire a new wave of enthusiasm among fans.

The campaign features the first-of-its-kind Center Fruit Tennis ball-shaped gum that comes in a tennis ball shape with pineapple-flavored liquid filling, inspired by the traditional use of a tennis ball while playing gully cricket in India. The content series stars RJ Sukriti, a relatable everyday character, and Harmanpreet, the serious and skilled cricketer, bouncing off their personalities and cricketing skills while playing gully cricket with the Tennis Ball shaped chewing gum.

Through the series, Center Fruit Tennis ball-shaped chewing gum is seen as a catalyst for ‘mood transformation,’ highlighting the brand’s ting tong way of creating an inclusive and empowering cricketing experience that resonates with both existing fans and new audiences alike.

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Gunjan Khetan, marketing director at Perfetti Van Melle India, stresses the significance of women’s cricket and the brand’s proactive role in its promotion. He states, “Cricket holds a special place in the heart of every Indian, and we believe it is crucial to also celebrate the immense talent and potential within women’s cricket. With the ‘Mood Ting Tong League’ campaign, we are not only embracing India’s passion for cricket but also striving to shine a spotlight on women’s cricket. By featuring Harmanpreet, who embodies the dynamism of women’s cricket, we hope to inspire a new wave of enthusiasm among fans. Through our ting tong way, we aspire to create an inclusive and empowering cricketing experience that resonates with both existing fans and new audiences alike.”

The digital-only series will be promoted on social media platforms, targeting the young and vibrant audience that is always looking for something unique and exciting. The campaign’s playful and quirky approach, combined with the cricketing skills of Harmanpreet Kaur and RJ Sukriti, is sure to create a buzz and generate excitement among the fans of gully cricket and chewing gum lovers alike.

So, Center Fruit’s ‘Mood Ting Tong League’ campaign is an innovative and creative approach to leverage India’s passion for cricket and women’s cricket, showcasing a brand that is always looking to stay ahead of the curve and cater to the changing preferences and interests of its audience. The brand’s unique Tennis Ball shaped chewing gum and its association with gully cricket and women’s cricket make it a compelling proposition that is sure to resonate with the audience and create a lasting impact.

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