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Tata Consumer Products launches its new “Tata Coffee Grand Premium” through an ASMR campaign

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What’s very soothing but extremely exciting at the same time? Its Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR). Tata Consumer Products has announced the launch of its new premium product ‘Tata Coffee Grand Premium’ in a very innovative and soothing way. This ASMR campaign represents the exact same emotion one will feel after having their brand-new coffee.

This campaign was carried away creatively in partnership with Ad Agency Media Monks.

The campaign started on 31st December creating aromatic suspense among the users for almost 4 days. The company was increasing the suspense with a post saying, “Things are about to get grand-er. Stay tuned!”

The Film has created on the grounds of ASMR tone, showcasing the journey of a coffee bean from seeds to a coffee mug. The film shows the natural habitat of coffee beans, the way they are plucked with care and love by caretakers, those traditional folk songs sung by caretakers adding blush on the whole film, and then the process of selecting perfect beans, drying, roasting, and the sound of flavor-locked decoction crystal ending at the sound shik-shik of having one of the finest coffees are depicted super quintessentially.

Tata Consumer Products claims that the new ‘Tata Coffee Grand Premium’ offers a 100% coffee blend with flavor-locked decoction crystals. The product is designed to prioritize the taste of the non-south consumers market who prefer strong and 100% of coffee blends.

This Campaign’s main motive is to create a brand base that integrates innovation and technology fused with great sounding effects to represent the core stamina of the brand presenting the finest coffee blend of all time. High-level marketing can only be boosted by a supreme level of ideation and fine execution, which Tata Consumer Products have proved perfectly with this campaign.

Puneet Das, President of Packaged Beverages (India and South Asia), Tata Consumer Products, said, “Our ambition is to become a significant coffee player and we continue to offer relevant and quality offerings to grow our share in the Indian coffee market. Indian consumers are embracing a new wave of coffee. Hence, as we continue to expand our presence and reach to consumers across India, we are strengthening our portfolio across the country with the launch of Tata Coffee Grand Premium- a 100% coffee blend with flavor-locked decoction crystals that gives consumers a rich and aromatic cup of coffee”.

He further said, “The differentiation of Tata Coffee Grand is the signature Shik Shik Shik sound of the flavor-locked decoction crystals. Hence, it was only natural to bring the brand story alive through sensorial stimulation which is unique to ASMR. The new launch will be scaled by leveraging TCPL’s network and distribution reach across channels including E-commerce and modern trade”

Sagar Kapoor, Chief Creative Officer – Lowe Lintas, said“It’s always a great opportunity when your brand has a product differentiation. More often than not, leaping to the creative idea from the differentiator lands on a disruptive idea. With Tata Coffee Grand we had the decoction crystals. Besides delivering a superior cup of coffee, these crystals also make a unique Shik-Shik-Shik sound when one shakes the pack. So great coffee was always known for its aroma, it will now be known for its sound. That led us to the idea of ‘Great coffee will now be known as Shik-Shik-Shik. Going ahead we will engage with the consumer in many ways with the ‘Shik-Shik-Shik device,

Azazul Haque, Director, of Media Monks, said, “The brief was to bring alive the product differentiation of flavor-locked decoction crystals by creating an ASMR experience for the audience. ASMR also known as ‘Brain Massage’ uses whispers and sounds to create sensations in the audience, so they don’t only see the visuals but also feel them. We thought of telling the story of the birth of Shik Shik Shik, the sound of coffee crystals to convey the idea that every sip of Tata Coffee Grand Premium will make you feel you are experiencing the sounds in an estate where coffee is born.”

People Involved

  1. Chief Content Officer: Azaz Ul Haque
  2. Creative Director: Mahima Kukreja
  3. Creative Copy: Aananya Dixit
  4. Creative Lead: Prabahi Mukherjee
  5. Art Director: Rahul Negi

Production House

  1. Head of Films and MD: Robert Godinho (Head of Films and MD)
  2. DOP: Arkodeb Mukherjee (DOP)
  3. Account Director: Rikesh Premchandra
  4. DA:  Adit Thakur (DA)
  5. Producer and AD: Ayush Kathuria

You can find this ad campaign in Kannada and Telegu language as well. The product is available in all nearby shopping marts, general stores and outlets.

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