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Decathlon Unveils Dynamic New ‘Orbit’ Logo in Brand Refresh

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Global sports leader Decathlon has embarked on a transformative journey, refreshing its brand identity with a new purpose, logo, and strategic direction. This exciting evolution underscores Decathlon’s commitment to making sport accessible and enjoyable for everyone, while prioritizing sustainability and an enhanced customer experience.

Decathlon’s Purpose: “Move People Through the Wonders of Sport”

Decathlon’s newly unveiled purpose, “Move People Through the Wonders of Sport,” encapsulates the brand’s core belief in the unifying power of sport and its ability to improve physical and mental well-being. This purpose serves as a guiding light for Decathlon’s future endeavors, inspiring them to create positive impacts on individuals, society, and the planet.

Decathlon: A Dynamic New Brand Identity

Decathlon’s brand refresh introduces a vibrant blue color scheme and a new brand symbol, the “Orbit.” The Orbit embodies the concepts of motion, striving for excellence, and circularity, reflecting Decathlon’s commitment to sustainable practices.

Customer-Centric Strategy and Streamlined Brand Portfolio

Decathlon’s strategic revamp prioritizes an exceptional customer experience. This focus is evident in the introduction of a simplified brand portfolio featuring nine category specialists, catering to specific sporting activities like mountain sports, fitness, and cycling, alongside four expert brands offering premium products.

Leading the Way in Sustainable Sports

Decathlon’s commitment to sustainability is embedded within the new brand identity. The “Orbit” symbol’s circularity reflects this dedication to eco-friendly practices throughout the company’s operations.

A Bold Step Forward for Decathlon

Barbara Martin-Coppola, Decathlon’s global chief executive officer: “Today marks a very special moment in both the history and future of Decathlon. Now more than ever, the world needs sport. It has a unifying power, and can improve both physical and mental health. At Decathlon, we want to have a greater positive impact on humans, society and the planet by Moving People Through the Wonders of Sport. I am proud to be working towards the North Star – our guiding light and ambition – with our teammates. It’s been incredible to see our diverse community come together to celebrate what makes us special: enabling everyone to practise sport on their own terms. I am confident that our ambitious strategy, evolving our way of doing business, will ensure Decathlon leads the sector as a unique and trusted sports brand.”


Decathlon’s brand refresh positions the company as a leader in promoting accessibility, sustainability, and the transformative power of sport. This exciting new chapter promises to bring the joy and benefits of sport to even more people around the world.

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