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How Tata Tackled the Situation of Ellyse Perry’s Big Hit at WPL

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The Women’s Premier League (WPL) witnessed a powerful six from Ellyse Perry that went viral for an unexpected reason. Not only did it clear the boundary, but it also shattered the rear window of a Tata Punch EV, a sponsor’s car on display. This incident, though unusual, turned into a positive moment for both cricket and charity, thanks to Tata’s brilliant response and creative thinking by FCB Kinnect, the marketing agency.

Tata- From Broken Window to Bright Idea

Prior to the WPL season, Tata Motors had announced a unique initiative: a β‚Ή5,00,000 donation to a worthy cause every time a player hits their display car during a match. Staying true to their word, they pledged this amount towards installing solar panels at TATA Memorial Hospital, Kolkata, in collaboration with Tata Power. This pre-existing commitment not only highlighted Tata’s social responsibility but also added an extra layer of intrigue to the situation.

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Tata Embracing the Oops for Good

Tata didn’t just fulfill their promise; they saw an opportunity and partnered with FCB Kinnect to turn it into a win for their brand image. Capitalizing on the viral moment, they gifted Ellyse Perry a framed piece of the broken window. But wait, there’s a twist! To represent the “electric vibe” of the game, a bolt was added to the framed window, transforming a potentially negative situation into a witty and memorable gesture. This unique approach garnered appreciation online and showcased Tata’s good sportsmanship.

Brands and People’s Reactions

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Lessons from Tata and FCB Kinnect’s Response

This incident offers valuable takeaways for crisis communication and brand building:

  • Transparency and Commitment: Tata’s adherence to their pre-announced charitable initiative builds trust and strengthens brand image.
  • Humor and Creativity: FCB Kinnect’s lighthearted approach to the broken window demonstrates the power of creativity in connecting with the audience on a deeper level.
  • Turning Negatives into Positives: Tata transformed a potentially negative situation into a positive one, supporting a social cause, generating positive brand sentiment, and showcasing their commitment to innovation.

Wrapping up

Ellyse Perry’s big hit may have shattered a car window, but Tata and FCB Kinnect’s response shattered expectations, proving that with the right approach, even unexpected situations can be turned into brand triumphs.

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