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Diataal teams up with Malaika Arora to launch the #DilChaaheSirfDiataalD campaign

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In the dynamic world of health and wellness, the quest for a fit and resilient body often takes center stage. In a recent revelation, Bollywood sensation Malaika Arora, known for her commitment to fitness, has shed light on the secret behind her vitality and healthy heart. The answer lies in Diataal D, a revolutionary multivitamin brand, and Malaika is all set to spread the word through their latest campaign, #DilChaheSirfDiataalD.

Diataal D, marketed by USV Consumer, the force behind the popular Sebamed range of personal and baby care products in India, has strategically positioned itself as a key player in the nutrition and wellness sector. The campaign aims to humorously convey the vital role of vitamin D in overall well-being, especially in maintaining a healthy heart. Malaika Arora, as the brand ambassador, brings not just her celebrity status but also her genuine commitment to a healthy lifestyle to the forefront.

Diataal X Malaika Arora

The collaboration between Malaika Arora and Diataal D is expected to resonate strongly with health-conscious consumers across India. The brand’s foray into the food and nutrition division is further bolstered by this association, indicating a commitment to transforming the well-being of consumers.

Shashi Ranjan, President of USV Consumer (Sebamed), expresses excitement about having Malaika Arora on board. He said, “Food & Nutrition is the latest addition to our consumer business portfolio with a mission to transform the wellbeing of our consumers. We are thrilled to have a wellness enthusiast like Malaika Arora on board as the brand ambassador for the Diataal range of supplements and I am sure this will bolster our presence amongst millennials.”

Malaika Arora, commenting on her association with Diataal D, states, “I strongly believe that a healthy physique and a strong heart reflect one’s personality. I prioritize my fitness and overall health by incorporating Diataal D into my daily routine – a multivitamin enriched with vitamin D, safeguarding both my heart and immunity. Make a meaningful difference in your life by switching to Diataal D.”

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Humorous Campaign Messaging: #DilChaheSirfDiataalD

The campaign, conceptualized with tongue-in-cheek humor, unfolds against the backdrop of a reality show, cleverly delivering the message about the importance of Vitamin D.

Shardul Bist, marketing head, Nutrition, added, “The campaign starts with a backdrop of a reality show and it leverages tongue in cheek humour to highlight the importance of Vitamin D for wellbeing and healthy heart. I am confident that this will resonate well with our audience and will persuade them to switch to Diataal D, a multivitamin with added vitamin D, for their overall health and well being.”

#DilChaheSirfDiataalD Campaign Impact: Transforming Health Perspectives

As the campaign gains momentum, it underscores not only the significance of Vitamin D in maintaining a healthy heart but also positions Diataal D as the go-to choice for individuals prioritizing their health. The collaboration between Malaika Arora and Diataal D is set to leave a lasting impact on India’s health and fitness landscape.

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Conclusion: Diataal D – A Step Towards a Healthier, Heartier Life

In a society increasingly focused on holistic well-being, Diataal D emerges as a reliable and efficacious multivitamin solution. With Malaika Arora’s endorsement and the #DilChaheSirfDiataalD campaign, it stands out as the supplement of choice for those looking to prioritize health in a simple and effective manner. After all, a healthy heart is not just a physical asset but a reflection of a vibrant and fulfilling life.

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