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Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta Launches ‘Roti Ki Mehnat’ Redefining Kitchen Moments

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Adani Wilmar, a prominent player in the Indian food and FMCG industry, has recently unveiled a captivating TV commercial (TVC) showcasing the remarkable ease and convenience Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta brings to families. The campaign revolves around the theme of ‘Roti Ki Mehnat,’ emphasizing the hard work put into making the daily bread and how the product eases this effort.

Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta: ‘Roti Ki Mehnat’ Narrative

The TVC unfolds with a heartwarming narrative featuring a working woman returning home after a demanding day. The story beautifully captures the harmonious synergy between a young working couple, highlighting the seamless use of Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta in crafting perfect rotis. The ease of kneading the atta becomes a pivotal element, showcasing not only the product’s quality but also the convenience it brings to the lives of modern couples.

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Bonding Over Rotis: A Depiction of Modern Relationships

The TVC brilliantly portrays the harmonious bond between the couple, showcasing the modern dynamic of shared responsibilities and mutual support. The pivotal moment where the man breaks a piece of the roti to feed his wife symbolizes not just the product’s quality but also the warmth and harmony in contemporary Indian homes.

Mr. Vineeth Viswambharan’s Perspective

Mr. Vineeth Viswambharan, Associate Vice President, Marketing & Sales at Adani Wilmar, emphasizes the brand’s commitment to making consumers’ lives easier. He reflects on the film as a “labour of love” and a tribute to the trials and tribulations of earning the daily bread, capturing the essence of ‘Roti Ki Mehnat.’

Puneet Kapoor’s Creative Touch

Puneet Kapoor, Chief Creative Officer at Ogilvy South, sheds light on the irony embedded in the product proposition – easy to knead, yet hard-earned. The ad becomes an ode to the working-class heroes, symbolizing the struggles of middle-class families in India who tirelessly strive to put food on the family table.

Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta: A Growing Brand with Quality Assurance

Ranked No. 2 in the industry, Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta has become a favorite among consumers for its consistently great quality. Available in various pack sizes, the brand promises 100% Atta, 0% Maida, following the traditional Chakki process and utilizing high-quality wheat. The company’s expansion into the whole-wheat category earlier this year further solidifies its commitment to offering a diverse and high-quality product range.

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Wrapping up

The launch of the new TVC marks a significant step for Adani Wilmar as it continues to grow its portfolio, focusing on high-quality consumer goods products. The campaign not only promotes a product but also celebrates the spirit of hard work and shared responsibilities in modern Indian households. Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta emerges as more than just a kitchen staple; it becomes a symbol of convenience, quality, and the cherished moments shared over a meal.

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