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Emily in Paris season 3 is creating a new wave of Fashion.

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Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh! What fun it is to see

That Emily is back to slay.

Netflix’s super popular series Emily in Paris season 3 is back this Christmas serving you nothing but Fashion, Fashion, and Fashion. Its previous seasons 1 and 2 already created a huge fan base because of Emily’s unique and new road of styling. Emily in Paris Season 3 is floating all over the internet like fire in the forest. All the memes, gossip, and fashion talk about Emily in Paris. What is all the hype about? It’s the top-notch outfits shown in the show. All the outfits in this show are designed by Marylin Fitoussi who successfully served us pure fashion and style in the form of Emily as synonymous with elegant fashion. Let’s look at Emily’s top outfits in Paris season 3.

Top fashion looks of Emily in Emily in Paris

1. Lavender Love

Lily Collins in Lavender Ruffle Dress

Daytime party in a garden where you have to look elegant and classy but also subtle. What kind of dress would you pick? Emily chooses to pick a lavender refreshing color midi dress surrounded by a ruffle all over with floral patches over it. Life is a pretty garden.

2. Angel Wings sleeves

Lily Collins in Zebra striped top with angel wings sleeves

It’s a store opening event and you want every eye to land on you, what kind of outfit would you pick? well, Emily took this challenge in her style and kept it subtle and classy by wearing a zebra-striped top with a huge statement sleeve.

3. Gold Metallics with floral pinch

Lily Collins in Metalica jacket

Can you ever wonder to create an outfit fusion of a gold metallic jacket with a floral base? No, right! But our beloved Emily not only thought of doing so, but she also executes this impossible outfit fusion in such an elegant way that become a fashion trend.

4. Play with Furr

Lily Collins in Red Furr Dress

Red polka dot top with a red polka dot short skirt layered by a red jacket that has pink fur all over. Sounds too much! But Emily knows very well how to make “A too much” look classy, fancy, and elegant.

5. Green-white overcoat with spiral storm

Lily Collins in Statement Coat.

Green-Green shine-like bling. Emily took this phrase very seriously and made this vintage classy green overcoat a fashion statement. Emily adds to her style with a bright green sling bag with a beautiful bun.

6. Oh you Sun! our Emily is brighter than you.

Lily Collins in all Yellow

Sun can lose its spark but never Emily. And through this “brighter than day” outfit we can say this confidently. Bright yellow jacket with yellow floral socks and yellow bandana added with white turtleneck net top and black-white polka dot sling bag. I mean, OMG, Emily stops slaying.

7. Cardigan with metal

Lily Collins in multicolor cardigan

What is all possible way you have worn a Cardigan? Have you ever thought of styling a multicolor cardigan with a metallic skirt and green metallic boots? Emily has rocked this look with great grace and elegance.

8. Fanta Orange

Lily Collins in Orange Ruffled Dress

Orange ruffle styling with sea green metallic boots can only be slayed by one and only Emily. She can slay any color with charm and grace because Emily loves playing with color.

9. Feather like a Bird

Lily Collins in Feather-Laced dress

Feather-Laced skirt carried by pastel green bag, polo collar, and fluffy hem, what else miracle of styling Emily can do more? An outfit attire can look so Gucci and formal at the same time can only be created by Emily.

10. Multi color Blazer

Lily Collins in a multicolor Blazer

Multicolor Blazer as office attire. Sounds Funny and quite impossible right? But once Emily thought of slaying it, it’ll be done with all grace and love. A whole universe of color can be seen in the frame styled by blue pants and a zebra-crossed top and what woo created by those popping red shade lipstick.

11. Emily: – a factory of style and color

Lily Collins in yellow neon transparent jacket

This particular outfit can be an example of how hard an experiment of clothing can go and could be pulled out so perfectly like a factory of style and color. White oversized tee with cool graphic on it, yellow neon transparent jacket, purple boots, and yellow-black sling back, what a woo for an eye.

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