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FGII launches #MakeYourChoice Campaign to encourage ‘Power of Choice’

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FGII (Future Generali India Insurance Company), a leading private general insurance company in India, has recently introduced its innovative D.I.Y Health #MakeYourChoice campaign. This campaign aims to promote the idea that when it comes to health insurance, the choice should be in the hands of the customers themselves. By offering customizable health insurance policies, FGII empowers individuals to design coverage that aligns with their specific needs and health goals. The campaign conceptualized by Mullen Lintas Mumbai, consists of three compelling 45-second videos, each targeting different segments of the audience by showcasing relatable slice-of-life situations. So, let’s delve deeper into this campaign and understand why the power of choice matters.

Understanding the Significance of Choice

In today’s dynamic world, people seek personalized solutions that cater to their unique requirements. Recognizing this evolving need, FGII conducted extensive customer research and discovered a growing demand for customization in health insurance. This insight led to the development of a comprehensive proposition that allows customers to select from 17 base features and 20 optional product features, offering a wide array of choices for their D.I.Y Health policy. So, by providing this level of flexibility, FGII empowers individuals to create a policy tailored to their specific health needs, ensuring maximum value for their investment.

#MakeYourChoice: Empowering Customers with the Power of Choice

Ruchika Malhan Varma, the Chief Marketing Officer of FGII, highlights the company’s commitment. She said, “As a ‘Lifetime partner’ to our customers, we remain heavily invested in understanding their evolving needs and providing them with innovative solutions that address them. Our customer insight bought forth a growing need for customization and the ability to design a policy suited to the unique health needs of each individual. This motivated us to create a proposition with comprehensive features that help customers pick and choose from a wide array of features comprising 17 base features and 20 optional product features to choose from as part of our D.I.Y Health policy.”

Varma added, “Our campaign celebrates the element of choice for our customer be it in life or insurance. Crafted around unique insights, it draws parallels between the life of the user and the most relevant health insurance feature to them, in a way that resonates with the viewer immediately.”

Crafting Relatable Stories

The creative agency Mullen Lintas Mumbai played a pivotal role in developing the campaign.

Kapil Ojha, executive creative director, Mullen Lintas, said, “What good is a choice if it isn’t yours and yours alone? This is where we wanted to steer the conversation with this campaign. Because D.I.Y Health aptly gives you that level of power to choose. Also, we realised that each of the choice components that one can add or drop in the insurance spoke to different people across various life stages. Hence, to push the relatability quotient further, we crafted multiple insightful stories with situations and examples that I am sure most people may have definitely come across at some point in their own lives.”

#MakeYourChoice Film 1

The first film showcases a woman embracing her health and fitness priorities.

#MakeYourChoice Film 2

The second film celebrates the choices of a young married couple who have decided to not have children. It revolves around a relatable conversation between a couple before attending a family function.

#MakeYourChoice Film 3

The third film showcases an accident-prone brother and a concerned sister. Through a quirky narrative, it depicts how people are accident-prone, and thus an accident booster is appropriate for them.

Amplifying the Campaign’s Reach:

Future Generali India Insurance plans to amplify the reach of the #MakeYourChoice campaign through various online platforms, ensuring a broad audience can benefit from the message of empowerment and customization. By adopting a digital-first approach, the campaign can effectively engage with individuals across different demographics, highlighting the relevance of choice in health insurance.

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Let’s wrap up: FGII’s #MakeYourChoice Campaign

FGII’s D.I.Y Health #MakeYourChoice campaign represents a significant step in the insurance industry, promoting the power of choice and customization in health insurance policies. By empowering individuals to design coverage that suits their unique needs, FGII is revolutionizing the way people perceive and purchase insurance. Through relatable stories and an emphasis on the importance of choice, the campaign encourages individuals to make informed decisions that align with their health goals. With the support of the creative agency Mullen Lintas, Future Generali India Insurance Company aims to inspire individuals to exercise their power of choice not only in insurance but also in various aspects of their lives.

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