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Godrej Capital introduces Nirmaan with the #GrowthKiUdaan campaign

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In a strategic move to bolster the growth of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in India, Godrej Capital, the financial services arm of Godrej Group, has unveiled its groundbreaking digital campaign, #GrowthKiUdaan. The campaign serves as the launchpad for Godrej Capital Nirmaan, a comprehensive business solution aimed at providing holistic support to MSMEs across the country.

Nirmaan Platform: Bridging MSMEs with Trusted Partners

The centerpiece of this initiative is the Nirmaan platform, designed to seamlessly connect MSMEs with a trusted network of partners, including DBS Bank India, Visa, Amazon, and GeM Tech Paras. With over 13 partners on board, Nirmaan is set to offer a diverse array of services that can be availed by businesses nationwide.

#GrowthKiUdaan Campaign Introducing Nirmaan

The digital ad film accompanying the campaign underscores the manifold benefits of joining Nirmaan. It emphasizes the platform’s commitment to empowering every business in India and propelling them on the trajectory of growth, aptly encapsulated by the campaign hashtag, #GrowthKiUdaan.

Through strategic partnerships, Godrej Capital aims to equip MSMEs with an extensive range of value-added services, thereby catalyzing their entrepreneurial journey. By leveraging digital marketing channels, the company seeks to engage both business-to-customers (B2C) and business-to-business-to-customers (B2B2C) distribution partners.

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Nalin Jain’s Perspective

Nalin Jain, chief marketing officer, Godrej Capital, said “I am convinced of the extent of support a platform like Godrej Capital Nirmaan can offer to MSMEs across India. Our digital marketing campaign comes with simple and straight messaging– get onboarded on the Nirmaan flight so you can take off on #GrowthkiUdaan. By tailoring our communication to specific target audiences, we are utilising diverse digital channels including email, social media, web and mobile, with the integration of BTL activations, to enhance our comprehensive digital content strategy and facilitate more direct customer connections.”

Godrej Capital: Comprehensive Digital Strategy to Reach Directly to Customers

The comprehensive digital marketing strategy employs various channels, including email, social media, web, and mobile platforms. The integration of below-the-line (BTL) activations further enhances the outreach, facilitating more direct connections with customers.

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The essence of the #GrowthKiUdaan campaign lies in its commitment to fostering a supportive ecosystem for MSMEs, leveraging the collective strength of esteemed partners. As businesses embark on this growth journey with Nirmaan, they gain access to a robust network, unlocking opportunities and resources that can propel them to new heights.

Conclusion: Nirmaan of Godrej Capital as a Beacon of Support

So, Godrej Capital’s Nirmaan platform emerges as a beacon of support for MSMEs in India, embodying the spirit of growth and collaboration. The #GrowthKiUdaan campaign, with its strategic digital approach, is set to make a significant impact in empowering businesses and driving economic resilience across the MSME sector. As businesses embark on this growth journey with Nirmaan, they gain access to a robust network, unlocking opportunities and resources that can propel them to new heights.

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