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Harbhajan Singh And Jatin Sapru Teams Up With Zupee For ‘Extra Winnings’ Campaign

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Cricket fever has once again gripped the nation, with India’s advancement to the semi-finals of a major tournament. In sync with the cricketing excitement, Zupee, one of India’s leading online skill-based gaming platforms, has unveiled its latest digital campaign, ‘Extra Winnings,’ featuring cricket legend Harbhajan Singh and charismatic sports presenter Jatin Sapru. This dynamic campaign showcases the perfect blend of cricket and gaming, emphasizing the thrill of winning even during match breaks.

Zupee: ‘Extra Winnings’ Campaign Where Cricket and Gaming Meet

Zupee’s ‘Extra Winnings’ campaign is a celebration of two passions: cricket and gaming. It skillfully merges the excitement of cricket with the joy of online gaming, highlighting the common thread of competitiveness and strategy that runs through both worlds.

Zupee: Fun and Witty Banter in Four Digital Films

The campaign unfolds through four engaging digital films where Harbhajan Singh and Jatin Sapru engage in fun and witty banter, bringing to life the exciting elements of cricket and Ludo. These films demonstrate how you can make the most of the time between innings by winning on Zupee, reinforcing the message that the thrill of winning should never stop, even during breaks.

Film 1: “Inning ke beech winnings”

With the creative theme “Inning ke beech winnings,” the campaign captures the essence of seizing opportunities and winning even during the lull moments of a cricket match. Harbhajan and Jatin challenge each other to Ludo battles during match breaks, showcasing how skill-based gaming can add an extra layer of excitement to the cricket experience.

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Film 2: Sixers in Cricket and Zupee Ludo – “Sixer lagane ka Mazaa”

Another video in the campaign celebrates the joy of hitting sixers in both cricket and Zupee Ludo. This relatable scenario highlights how these moments of triumph can lead to ‘Extra Winnings’ on Zupee, drawing parallels between the thrill of cricketing sixes and Ludo victories.

Film 3: “Slow Match Ka Antidote”

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Film 4: “India Khele Na Khele, Aap Zaroor Khelo 

Connecting with Passionate Cricket Fans and Gamers

Akanksha Dhamija, chief operating officer, Zupee says, “The ongoing excitement around the World Cup gives us a great opportunity to connect with millions of passionate cricket fans who are also gaming enthusiasts. Zupee’s ‘Extra Winnings’ campaign perfectly blends the thrill of cricket with the joy of gaming, for instance, the thrill of getting a ‘6’ shares a special significance in both cricket and Ludo. Additionally, Jatin Sapru and Harbhajan Singh flawlessly embody the campaign’s essence with their delightful chemistry. Their playful energy is sure to entertain and create a relatable connection with our audience.”

Harbhajan Singh’s Enthusiasm

Harbhajan Singh expressed his enthusiasm, stating “Agar cricket mera pyaar hai, to ludo mera yaar hai! ”. He further adds “I’ve always cherished the love for sports and gaming. Collaborating with Zupee for the ‘Extra Winnings’ Campaign feels like merging two loves into one. This campaign not only celebrates cricket, but also the love for gaming. Just as every ball bowled and boundary struck requires its unique strategy, skill, and excitement, so does every move in Zupee Ludo.”

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Zupee X Jatin Sapru & Harbhajan Singh: A Relatable Connection with the Audience

Jatin Sapru and Harbhajan Singh flawlessly embody the campaign’s essence with their delightful chemistry and playful energy. Their camaraderie is sure to entertain and create a relatable connection with the audience, enhancing the overall appeal of the ‘Extra Winnings’ campaign.

Wide Reach and Accessibility

Zupee’s ‘Extra Winnings’ campaign will be showcased across key digital media platforms, ensuring that cricket enthusiasts and gamers all over have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the fun and exciting world of skill-based gaming, making it accessible to a wide audience.

Wrapping Up: Zupee’s ‘Extra Winnings’ campaign

Zupee’s ‘Extra Winnings’ campaign, featuring the iconic Harbhajan Singh and the charismatic Jatin Sapru, brings together the worlds of cricket and gaming in an exciting and entertaining way. It celebrates the thrill of winning, whether on the cricket field or in the virtual world of skill-based gaming. With its wide reach and relatable theme, this campaign promises to be a hit among cricket fans and gamers alike, adding an extra layer of excitement to the ongoing cricketing action.

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