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10 Best Indian Ads of Fashion Brands in 2023

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Advertisements are everywhere these days. From billboards and TV commercials to social media ads and influencer marketing, brands are constantly vying for our attention. But not all ads are created equal. Some are forgettable, while others leave a lasting impression. In 2023, Indian fashion brands pushed the boundaries of creativity and storytelling to produce some of the most engaging and thought-provoking ads of the year. These ads celebrated diversity, challenged traditional norms, and inspired us to be our best selves.

In this blog post, we will take a look at the best 10 Indian ads of fashion brands of 2023. These ads are not only creative and visually appealing, but they also convey powerful messages that resonate with audiences.

So, sit back and enjoy a journey through the best of Indian advertising in 2023!

Best Indian Ads of Fashion Brands

1. Meesho | Mega Blockbuster Sale Ft. Ranveer Singh

To make a great ad, you need either a compelling story or a famous actor. Meesho chose the latter and used Ranveer Singh to grab viewers’ attention and promote their megasale.

In other words, Meesho used Ranveer Singh’s popularity to their advantage. They knew that he is a well-known and loved actor, so having him in their ad would guarantee that people would notice it. This is a smart marketing strategy, as it is important to capture people’s attention in order to sell them products or services.

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2. Meesho | Sahi Quality Sahi Price Ft. Deepika Padukone

Meesho’s 2023 ad with Deepika Padukone is a brilliant example of how to use storytelling and star power to create an effective and memorable ad. The ad begins with a suspenseful scene of Deepika reporting her husband missing, only to reveal later that it is just a commercial for Meesho.

This clever twist is sure to grab viewers’ attention and keep them watching, while also highlighting Meesho’s wide range of products and services. Deepika’s star power also adds to the appeal of the ad, making it one of the best Indian ads of 2023.

3. Fabindia | Celebrating Motherhood

Fabindia’s ad for first-time motherhood is one of the best Indian ads of 2023 because it is heartwarming, aspirational, and authentic. It celebrates the beauty of motherhood while also promoting Fabindia’s products in a way that is both relevant and relatable.

The ad also does a great job of using storytelling to connect with viewers. The story of the new mom and her loved ones is one that many people can relate to, and it helps to create a sense of community and shared experience.

Overall, Fabindia’s ad is a well-crafted and effective piece of advertising that is sure to resonate with viewers.

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4. Biba | Har Nazar Mein Kuch Naya | Find Outfits For All Your Occasions Under One Roof

BIBA’s “Har Nazar Mein Kuch Naya” ad is a brilliant example of how to use storytelling and diversity to create an inclusive and aspirational fashion ad. The ad features a wide range of women from different backgrounds and walks of life, all showcasing their unique style in BIBA’s versatile and trendy clothing. The ad also positions BIBA as a one-stop-shop for all your fashion needs, from workwear to festive attire.

5. Westside | Live Your Dance, Live Your Denim

Westside’s “Live Your Dance, Live Your Denim” ad is best because it celebrates the power of fashion to allow individuals to express their authentic selves and unique identities. The ad is a vibrant celebration of self-expression and the boundless possibilities of denim.

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6. Myntra | It’s Dress Up Season ft. Siddharth Malhotra & Kiara Advani

Myntra festive campaign with Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani is the best fashion brand ad because it’s timely as the ad was launched ahead of the festive season, relevant, visually appealing, relatable, empowering, and inclusive.

7. Shoppers Stop | #SaajerUtsave

Shoppers Stop’s ad – #SaajerUtsave stands out as one of the best fashion brand ads because it deeply connects with the cultural significance of Durga Pujo, acknowledges UNESCO recognition, includes everyone in the celebration, promotes an enticing in-store experience, and adds a personal touch through Shwetal Basu’s sentiments. The visual appeal and call to action further make it engaging and memorable, demonstrating the brand’s ability to seamlessly blend culture and fashion, setting it apart in the advertising landscape.

8. Pantaloons | Mother’s Day Special

Pantaloons introduced an exceptionally distinct campaign for Mother’s Day, where they invited individuals for a Q&A session. During this interactive session, participants were asked relatable questions about their mothers and their unique bond. This unconventional initiative from Pantaloons, a renowned fashion brand, showcased their creativity and added a quirky touch to the celebration of Mother’s Day.

9. Myntra | Be Extraordinary Everyday with Myntra

Myntra’s “Be Extraordinary Every Day” ad campaign stands out as one of the best in Indian fashion because it combines star power with a compelling message. By featuring top actors like Ranbir Kapoor and Kiara Advani, Myntra not only garners attention but also effectively communicates its promise of offering diverse fashion choices. The campaign’s blend of celebrity endorsement, a relatable theme, and broad brand offerings makes it a standout example of how creative marketing can make a big impact in the fashion industry.

10. Aurelia | #JabTayyarTabTyohaarΒ 

Aurelia’s Festive Collection’23 ad shines as one of the fashion industry’s best because it brilliantly captures the excitement of dressing up for Indian celebrations. With the charismatic presence of OTT star Shreya Chaudhary, it strikes a chord with a broad audience. The diverse range of designs and styles, easily accessible through popular online platforms and physical stores, ensures it has something for everyone. This ad effortlessly embodies the essence of festive fashion and the joy of getting ready, making it a standout in the industry.

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Wrapping Up: Best Indian Ads of Fashion Brands

In summary, the best Indian fashion brand ads of 2023 showcased creativity, star power, inclusivity, and storytelling. These ads celebrated diversity, challenged norms, and left a lasting impression on viewers. From Meesho’s use of Bollywood stars to Fabindia’s heartwarming motherhood tribute, they captured the essence of modern India, empowering individuals to express themselves. Shoppers Stop and Pantaloons seamlessly blended culture and fashion. These ads set a high standard for the industry, promising an exciting future for Indian fashion brand advertising.

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