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Meesho Launches Mega Blockbuster Sale 2023 With Kapil Sharma & Pooja Hegde

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The festive season in India is a time of joy, celebration, and, of course, shopping! As Diwali approaches, the anticipation of finding the best deals and quality products is at its peak. This year, Meesho, a leading e-commerce platform, has unveiled its highly anticipated ‘Mega Blockbuster Sale 2023’ campaign with Kapil Sharma and Pooja Hegde, promising to deliver a shopping experience like no other.

Meesho’s Core Value: Quality Products at the Best Prices

The cornerstone of Meesho’s campaign is its commitment to offering customers access to a wide range of quality products at the most competitive prices. The platform recognizes that in today’s tech-savvy world, shoppers are keen on comparing prices across various e-commerce platforms. Meesho’s goal is to stand out as the go-to choice for customers seeking the best prices and deals for their festive shopping needs.

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The Captivating Advertisement of Meesho

To convey this message effectively, Meesho has created a captivating advertisement featuring two popular celebrities, Pooja Hegde and Kapil Sharma. The ad tells the story of Pooja Hegde scrolling through an e-commerce application, only to have Kapil Sharma’s character emerge from her phone screen. He urges her to check out the prices on Meesho before making her purchase. When she complies and opens the Meesho application, she is pleasantly surprised by the price difference.

Through this ad, Meesho aims to establish itself as the preferred choice for customers who prioritize getting the most value for their money during the festive season.

Meesho’s Unique 0% Commission Model

One of the key factors that allow Meesho to offer such competitive prices is its 0% commission model for sellers. By not charging sellers a commission, Meesho empowers them to provide products at lower prices, benefiting both sellers and customers. This model has contributed to Meesho’s impressive 140 million annual transacting users, representing a significant portion of India’s internet population.

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Nilesh Gupta on Meesho’s Festive Campaign

Nilesh Gupta, General Manager of Growth at Meesho, expressed, “As the season of Diwali approaches, people are eagerly awaiting festive sales, which encompass the best deals of the year. Indian consumers are becoming increasingly tech-savvy and compare pricing across platforms before making a purchase. Our messaging, ‘Meesho check karo,’ reinforces that customers can avail quality products at the ‘right’ prices on Meesho.”

He further explained that Meesho’s decision to feature the humorous and relatable duo of Kapil Sharma and Pooja Hegde in the campaign is aimed at building a strong rapport with the audience.

Amplifying the Messho Campaign

Meesho’s ‘Mega Blockbuster Sale 2023’ campaign will reach audiences through television and social media platforms. With an impressive array of approximately 120 million product listings across 30 categories, Meesho aims to ensure that customers across India have a plethora of affordable options to choose from this festive season.

Kapil Sharma And Pooja Hegde’s Take

Actor and comedian Kapil Sharma expressed his satisfaction with Meesho’s dedication to meeting diverse customer needs and providing the best shopping experience.

Meesho Launches Mega Blockbuster Sale 2023 With Kapil Sharma & Pooja Hegde

Actor and comedian Kapil Sharma, says, “Over the last couple of years, Meesho continues to be an ideal choice for customers looking at shopping from different geographies of the country. I am glad to be associated with a brand that takes diverse and ever-evolving customer needs very seriously and strives to provide them with the best shopping experience.”

Actor Pooja Hegde adds, “As we embrace the festive spirit, I am delighted to partner with Meesho in bringing an extraordinary shopping experience for everyone. Meesho’s festive campaign is a testament to the joy of giving and receiving during this special time of the year. I’m excited to be part of a campaign that not only offers an incredible selection of products but also brings the magic of the festive season right to your doorstep.”

Meesho Launches Mega Blockbuster Sale 2023 With Kapil Sharma & Pooja Hegde

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Wrapping up: Meesho Festive Campaign

As the festive season draws near, Meesho’s ‘Mega Blockbuster Sale 2023’ campaign promises to make your Diwali shopping experience extraordinary. With its focus on offering quality products at unbeatable prices and its 0% commission model benefiting both sellers and customers, Meesho is poised to become your go-to destination for festive shopping. So, remember to “Meesho check karo” before you make your next purchase and unlock the joy of Diwali shopping like never before. Happy shopping!

Campaign Credits

Creative Agency: Moonshot
Creative Team: Tanmay Bhat, Devaiah Bopanna, Puneet Chadha, Deep Joshi

Production House: Potli Baba Mediahouse

Director: Rahul Bharti
Producers: Beliappa and Junssan

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