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Taj Mahal Tea Sets Guinness World Record With Innovative Billboard In Vijayawada

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Taj Mahal Tea, one of India’s most renowned tea brands, has achieved a remarkable milestone by securing a Guinness World Record certification for its latest and innovative billboard campaign in Vijayawada. This extraordinary achievement features a groundbreaking billboard, known as ‘Megh Santoor,’ located opposite the Vijayawada junction railway station. What sets this billboard apart is its innovative use of rain to create the symphony of Raag Megh Malhar, the melodious raga associated with the monsoon season. In this blog, we’ll delve into the fascinating details of this exceptional campaign, exploring the technology, nature, and the soulful tunes of Hindustani classical music that make it a true masterpiece.

Taj Mahal Tea Sets The Guinness World Record

Taj Mahal Tea’s ‘Megh Santoor’ billboard spans an impressive total surface area of 2,250 square feet, making it the world’s largest environmentally interactive billboard, a recognition awarded by Swapnil Dangarikar, official adjudicator of Guinness World Records, India and APAC. This achievement underscores Taj Mahal Tea’s commitment to both the art of Hindustani classical music and its appreciation for the people of Vijayawada, where the brand has a significant presence.

Check out the film that captures the music-making magic of rain on a billboard.

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The Experience: Raag Megh Malhar

The heart of ‘Megh Santoor’ lies in its 31 strings and handles, meticulously arranged to produce the enchanting strains of the ancient rain raga, “Megh Malhar.” Renowned Indian classical musician, percussionist, and composer, Taufiq Qureshi, played a pivotal role in ensuring that the raga resonates authentically with the spirit of the Indian monsoon.

The Making of Taj Mahal Tea Billboard: A Labor of Love

Creating this one-of-a-kind musical billboard was no small feat. It took six months of conceptualization and involved a dedicated team of over 50 professionals working in unison to bring this unique musical rendition to life. The result is a harmonious blend of art and technology that captivates both locals and passersby, offering an unprecedented sensory experience.

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Inviting Everyone to Experience the Magic

Shiva Krishnamurthy, Head of Beverages and Foods at Hindustan Unilever, expressed his delight in achieving this historic milestone and extended an invitation to all to experience this extraordinary blend of art and technology. Vijayawada, as one of the significant strongholds for Taj Mahal Tea, was chosen as the perfect location to share this incredible achievement with the city.

Wrapping Up Innovative Billboard Campaign of Taj Mahal Tea

Taj Mahal Tea’s ‘Megh Santoor’ billboard in Vijayawada represents a harmonious union of technology, nature, and Hindustani classical music. This Guinness World Record-certified campaign not only celebrates the beauty of the monsoon season, but also showcases the brand’s dedication to the culture and the people of India. As the raindrops fall, they play the Santoor, creating a symphony that resonates with the soul and leaves an indelible mark on all who experience it. Taj Mahal Tea has indeed created history with ‘Megh Santoor,’ a testament to the power of creativity, innovation, and the enduring allure of Hindustani classical music.

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