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MSRTC and Akshara Centre Unveil #JagahDikhao Campaign Combatting Eve-Teasing on Buses

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In an effort to create safer public transportation spaces for women, the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) and Akshara Centre have joined forces to launch a three-film campaign titled #JagahDikhao. The campaign, conceptualized by 82.5 Communications, a part of the Ogilvy group, aims to address the issue of eve-teasing on buses in Maharashtra. This powerful initiative seeks to encourage the public to call out eve-teasers and hold them accountable for their actions. The three films produced for the campaign are set to be displayed in bus depots, using both Hindi and Marathi to reach a wider audience.

MSRTC and Akshara Centre: The #JagahDikhao Campaign

#JagahDikhao, which translates to “Show Your Place,” is a bold and impactful campaign designed to expose and confront eve-teasers in public transportation. The three films created as part of this campaign depict real-life situations that many women face on public buses.

Campaign Films

First Film: It portrays a man who deliberately invades a woman’s personal space by attempting to lean on her while she is standing in the bus.

Second film: Here another man is shown repeatedly “accidentally” touching a woman who is seated. This seemingly innocent behavior is often used as a cover for harassment.

Third film: It focuses on a man who continually bumps into a standing female passenger and touches her inappropriately, making her feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

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In all three films, the crucial element is that the perpetrators are confronted and called out by various individuals on the bus, including a mother, the bus conductor, and an elderly lady. These brave individuals do not remain passive bystanders but actively address the issue. Instead of letting the eve-teasers go unnoticed or unpunished, they offer these culprits the seat they deserve, emphasizing the importance of showing them their rightful place.

The Significance of #JagahDikhao of MSRTC and Akshara Centre

The #JagahDikhao campaign holds great significance in the context of women’s safety in public spaces. It not only raises awareness about the prevalent issue of eve-teasing but also encourages collective action. By displaying these films in bus depots, the campaign reaches a broad audience, emphasizing the importance of unity against harassment.

The campaign challenges the status quo where women often endure such behavior silently due to fear or social pressures. Instead, it empowers bystanders and fellow passengers to take a stand and support the victims.

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Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the #JagahDikhao campaign initiated by MSRTC and Akshara Centre, with the creative expertise of 82.5 Communications, is a powerful initiative that addresses the issue of eve-teasing on public buses. By confronting the culprits and actively involving bystanders in the fight against harassment, it aims to make public transportation safer for women in Maharashtra. This campaign sets an example of collective responsibility and solidarity, signaling that eve-teasers must be shown their rightful place – one that ensures women’s safety and dignity.


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