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Sparx launches ‘It’s in Me’ campaign featuring Akshay Kumar

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Sparx, a footwear brand under Relaxo, has released a TV commercial as part of their ‘It’s In Me’ campaign, starring actor Akshay Kumar in a prominent role. The advertisement also includes other supporting actors who embody the central theme of celebrating the enduring vitality and unwavering determination of the youth.

What is Sparx “It’s in Me” campaign featuring Akshay Kumar ?

The Sparx “It’s in Me” campaign featuring Akshay Kumar showcases a captivating scenario. The creative begins with Akshay engaged in a kite flying competition, known as ‘Patang’ in India, with a young enthusiast and his friends. Despite the young individual’s best efforts, he loses his kite to Akshay. Akshay jubilantly exclaims, “Ye Kata” (it is gone) to mark his victory. However, the youngster takes it in stride and responds with, “Akshay sir, kaata hai, loota nahi hain” (meaning, I’ve lost it, but you haven’t caught it yet).

The ensuing scenes depict a high-energy chase and race between both, with Akshay and the young individual wearing their Sparx shoes. They sprint, turn, leap, and maneuver with incredible speed, all the while maintaining a firm grip on the ground, highlighting the exceptional quality of the footwear. Ultimately, they both reach the kite, with Akshay capturing the manjha (the kite flying thread) and the young individual seizing the flight by jumping into the water, underscoring the fearless attitude of Indian youth.

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Akshay acknowledges the youngster’s agility with “Tu bhagta acha hai” (meaning you run well, kid), and the young individual responds with, “Aap bhagate bhi toh acha ho” (meaning, that’s because you make me run well). The TVC concludes with both of them proudly sharing their experiences and introducing the ‘It’s In Me’ collection.

What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Gaurav Dua

Gaurav Dua, Executive Director at Relaxo Footwear, shared his excitement for the brand-new campaign, stating, “At Relaxo, we are thrilled about the ‘It’s In Me’ campaign, something that signifies our vision of harnessing the boundless energy and spirit of today’s youth. It represents our continuous emphasis upon the dynamic, ever-evolving aspirations of the youth. Sparx is not just about footwear; it’s about encapsulating the vitality and enthusiasm of the younger generation.“

“The ‘Its In Me’ campaign is something that’s synonymous to the youngsters of our nation and what better way to showcase it than having megastar Akshay Kumar. The TVC does justice to our quality and the parameters that distinguishes us from the rest.”, said Sachin Chhabra, VP & Head of Marketing at Relaxo Footwears.

Sachin Chhabra


In conclusion, the Sparx “It’s in Me” campaign featuring Akshay Kumar beautifully encapsulates the essence of resilience and unwavering determination, which is not only reflective of the undying spirit of the Indian youth but also epitomizes the remarkable quality of Sparx footwear. Through the exhilarating kite-flying challenge, the commercial not only showcases Akshay’s never-give-up attitude but also pays homage to the fearlessness and tenacity of the younger generation.

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The message is clear – with the right spirit and the right footwear, nothing is impossible. It’s not just about chasing kites in the sky; it’s about chasing dreams and ambitions on the ground. This TVC inspires us to embrace the “It’s In Me” collection with the confidence that, just like Akshay and the young protagonist, we too can run, leap, and maneuver through life’s challenges with grace and resilience.

So, whether you’re conquering the sky or the streets, remember that the spirit of never giving up is not just a philosophy; it’s a way of life that Sparx and Akshay Kumar bring to the forefront in this captivating campaign. It’s a reminder that, with the right mindset and the right footwear, every step you take can be a step toward success. So, lace up those Sparx shoes, embrace the indomitable spirit, and let your journey be a testament to the fact that, indeed, “It’s in Me.”

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