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National Creators Award 2024 Nominees Revealed! Here’s the full list

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The digital world has become a breeding ground for creativity, and the National Creators Award 2024 are here to celebrate just that! This landmark initiative recognizes the power of online content creators who are making a positive impact across various sectors.

National Creators Award 2024: A Celebration of Content and Change

The awards acknowledge creators who use their platforms for storytelling, social change advocacy, environmental awareness, education, and more. From established names like Katrina Kaif and Sunil Chhetri to rising stars like Komal Pandey and Ranveer Allahbadia, the nominees represent the diverse landscape of Indian digital talent.

More Than Just Likes and Shares

The National Creator Awards go beyond just entertainment. They recognize creators who are using their influence to drive positive change. Whether it’s Sandeep Maheshwari’s motivational messages or Abhinav Yadav’s environmental initiatives, these creators are making a real difference in people’s lives.

Govt’s perspective on “National Creators Award”

The ministry in one of its statements said, “PM Narendra Modi consistently values the impact of influencers and their transformative power in the economy. To support this idea, MyGov India has decided to give the National Creators Award to celebrate the power of digital content creators and influencers for their great contribution to the digital industry of India.”

“The National Creators Award desires to recognize, inspire, and value the transformative power of social media in creating a more participatory, empowered, and inclusive society,” the ministry said.

What You Can Do

The exciting part? The awards recently concluded their nomination phase, but there are still ways to get involved! Follow the hashtag #NationalCreatorAward on social media to see who won and discover talented creators you might have missed. You can also use this opportunity to celebrate your favorite creators and the power they hold to inform and inspire.

National Creators Award 2024 Nominees

1) Best Storyteller Award

2) Best Creator in Education Category

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3) Most Impactful Agri Creator

4) The Disruptor of the Year

5) Cultural Ambassador of The Year

6) Best Creator in Gaming

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7) New India Champion Award

8) International Creator Award Category

9) Best Creator For Social Change

10) Best Creator in Food category

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11. Best Health and Fitness Creator

12. Best Micro Creator

13. Best Nano Creator

14. Green Champion Award

15. Best Travel Creator Award

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16. Cultural Ambassador

17. Heritage Fashion Icon Award 

18. Most Creative Creator Male

19. Most Creative Creator Female

20 Tech Creator Award

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21. Celebrity Creator

Wrapping up

In a nod to the dynamic world of digital creativity, the National Creator Awards 2024 celebrate content creators making a real impact in India. From influential figures like Katrina Kaif to rising stars like Komal Pandey, these awards go beyond entertainment to recognize positive change. Though nominations have concluded, the excitement continues on social media with #NationalCreatorAward. Discover the winners, applaud your favorites, and join the celebration of creators shaping a brighter digital future in India. Cheers to the transformative power of online content!

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