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Top comic influencers in 2022 to make your dull dunes brighter.

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Social Media is not just a platform for interaction but now, it’s an emotion. Here you’ll find happiness, thrill, excitement, fashion, glamour, and any emotion you can name. To make us feel these emotions at the most glorious level our influencers have been working super hard especially when it comes to comic influencers, our comic influencers always come up with a new and unique method to make us go bubble in laughter and forget all our mundane.

If you are going through Monday blues, then we have jotted down top comic influencers to make your dull dunes brighter.

1. Sanyam Sharma

Instagram Page:sharmajikabaddabet

With 578k Instagram followers, Sanyam Sharma has made sharmajikabaddabet a huge brand in the comic industry. Serving relatable content garnished with the spice of humor and fun is the hallmark of Sanyam Sharma. Apart from Instagram, Sanyam has also been the face of popular brands like Doublemint India, Boat Nirvana, Window 11and many others. He has recently recorded a podcast with Shark Tank meme market Ashneer Grover.

Sanyam has proved his sense of humor and talent on Instagram and has already made us huge fans of his content and presentation, but he didn’t limit his talent to social media. Sanyam made his acting debut in 2021 in a YouTube miniseries called Tuition Ke Baad where his performance was highly praised and even the series was IMDB rated 8.6. He was also seen in various YouTube miniseries like Engineering Hostel, and Ye Saali Naukari, and in the future, he is occupied with many big projects.

2. Vishnu Kaushal

Instagram Page: – thevishnukaushal

Vishnu Kaushal is not only slaying with his charm but his charismatic presence on screen and top-notch sense of humor have made all of us fall in love with him. Vishnu’s humor looks like he has adopted that niche. With 2.4 million followers on Instagram, Vishnu has built a troop of sarcastic humor fans who keep loving and supporting him always and welcomes his content with whole Heartly.

Vishnu also keeps us beautifully distracting us with his uptight street fashion and style video. Vishnu has worked with many prestigious brands like Snickers India, ASUS, and he has also been featured in a web series called, FeelsLikeHomeS2 for which his role has also been nominated in Filmfare awards for best supporting role. Vishnu’s talent is something that can’t be tagged with one niche, his talent is like pollen grain that grows beautifully wherever he goes.

3. RJ Abhinav

Instagram Page: – rjabhinav

RJ Abhinav aka Abhinav Singh is a well-known digital creator who owns a YouTube channel (Click on the link here) having approx 2.57 million subscribers and 4 million followers on Instagram is enough proof to show RJ Abhinav’s extraordinary talent layered with humor, fun, and wittiness. Abhinav is also a notable RJ who has worked in 93.8 Radio Mirchi, Delhi. His Instagram is full of funny sketches, and comical and satiric content.

Abhinav rose to fame with his YouTube special “Faad Magician” where he used to prank common people through funny and hilarious magic tricks. Abhinav content will let you hold your stomach and lungs by laughing out loud. Abhinav’s content majorly contains roasting, sarcasm, jokes, and mimicry and sometimes his content is out of the box. Abhinav posted a picture of him where he was featured on the red carpet of Cannes 2022 and like Creator like his audience, his audience filled the whole comment section with “Sasta Jhonny Depp”. I guess it’s high time for us to officially call RJ Abhinav the Indian’s own Jhonny Depp.

4. Dharna Durga

Instagram Page: – dharnaaaaa

What is too much relatable? Like insane relatable? It’s none other than but Dharna Durga’s content. Dharna Durga is a very new but very impactful name in the list of top comic influencers in the country. Her content revolves around funny relatable sketches that make you go all woo thinking how somebody can be so relatable and appropriate in portraying any character. Her story writing and execution are mind-blowing and loved by her audience a lot.

Dharna has crowned herself with the title of Top Comic influencer with her remarkable talent and top-class sense of humor. She has worked in the association of many huge brands like Spotify,, Plum BodyLovin, and many more.

5. RJ Karishma

RJ Karishma is known as “Satya ghatna pr adharit comedy karne vali ladki” (A girl doing comedy based on true events”) which is the most suitable title she has. RJ Karishma’s Instagram looks like she’s basically speaking our hearts out just more humorously and funnily. Apart from content creator Karishma is also a popular Radio Jockey who has worked at Red FM 93.5 in Indore. Except for comedy she also keeps us giving woo with her fashion and lifestyle content.

Her Instagram is full of life and joy. She has worked in collaboration with Virat Kohli, Hardik Pandya, Vaani Kapoor, and many other famous personalities. RJ Karishma has been trending like fire lately and you’ll be finding her in every 3rd reel on your feed. If you want to brighten up your day, then RJ Karishma’s content could be the best pick for you.

6. Ankush Bahuguna

What could be a better package than having the funniest human and makeup artist all in one? Well, Ankush Bahuguna is one such complete package on social media that is funny, relatable, socially aware, and breaks stereotypes. Ankush could be crowned as one of the funniest male creators. His Instagram page looks more like a cinematic panel of humor, laughter, makeup, and perfection. Apart from being a content creator, Ankush is also very active on platforms related to mental health, social exaggerations, and the men’s cosmetic, and makeup industry, and has also been part of many huge brand endorsements.

Ankush was recently seen in a web series called “Badboli Bhavna” where his role was highly praised, and people want him to say more of his acting in series and movies. Ankush has also seen in Myntra Fashion Superstar S3 with Bollywood Fashion designer Manish Malhotra. He has also bagged a lot of comical and fashion-specific awards in her name.

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