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Policybazaar Is Redefining Health Insurance Assistance with ‘Apka Apna Saathi’ Campaign

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Policybazaar launched a groundbreaking campaign aimed at redefining the landscape of health insurance claims. Titled “Apka Apna Saathi Policybazaar,” the series of short ads goes beyond the traditional narratives, focusing on the emotional aspects of the claims process. This innovative approach aims to highlight Policybazaar’s commitment to providing unparalleled assistance during critical moments in customers’ lives.

Policybazaar Campaign: Redefining Health Insurance Assistance

1. ‘Apka Apna Saathi Policybazaar’

In this poignant spot, an executive is portrayed running around to complete claim formalities while on a video call with his daughter on her birthday. The ad beautifully captures the essence of multitasking, as the executive efficiently handles the paperwork, all while sharing reassuring news with the policyholder’s wife about the successful approval of their health claim. The message is clear – Policybazaar stands by its customers even during personal and emotional moments.

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2. ‘Apke Sapne, Apki Suraksha Aur Policybazaar Ka Vaada’

This ad unfolds with a revelation in an exchange between a patient and a nurse. The nurse discloses that the patient’s son had completed all the necessary formalities on time, but the twist is that it was a Policybazaar executive who facilitated the entire process. This revelation not only showcases the brand’s commitment to efficiency but also challenges the common misconception that claim settlements are meant to be cumbersome and isolating.

Insights from policybazaar’s Leadership

Samir Sethi, head of brand marketing at Policybazaar, said, “The ads highlight Policybazaar’s streamlined claims process, emphasizing speed, transparency, and efficiency. The ad represents the brand’s core value of standing by the customer when they need it the most.”

Dheeraj Renganath’s Creative Perspective

Dheeraj Renganath, chief creative office, MagicCircle Communications, provided insight into the campaign, stating,  “This campaign had to address the common but untrue perception that customers are on their own when it comes to claim settlement and that it’s supposed to be cumbersome by design. We just had to show the Policybazaar executives for who they truly are– people who go beyond the call of duty to help you in the time of need.”

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Wrapping up

In a world where trust and empathy hold increasing value, Policybazaar’s latest campaign not only communicates the brand’s commitment but seeks to redefine the narrative around health insurance assistance. By showcasing real stories and portraying its executives as compassionate allies, Policybazaar’s campaign resonates on a deeper level, reinforcing the idea that customers are never alone in their journey with Policybazaar. It’s not just insurance; it’s a promise fulfilled, a companion in every step of the way.

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