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Sobhita Dhulipala Teams Up with Bhima Jewels in ‘Made to Celebrate You’

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Bhima Jewels, the esteemed jewelry retailer, has partnered with renowned actor Sobhita Dhulipala in a collaborative effort facilitated by GroupM’s mSix&Partners. The aim is to spread a positive message of self-love through Bhima Jewels’ exquisite Diamond Range.

“Made to Celebrate You” Campaign: Crafted by FCB Ulka

The heart of this collaboration is the campaign titled “Made to Celebrate You,” skillfully put together by FCB Ulka. This initiative seeks to challenge traditional perceptions of diamond jewelry and instead, highlight Bhima Jewels’ commitment to celebrating individuality, success, and the inherent strength of women.

Sobhita Dhulipala: The Perfect Ambassador for Bhima Jewels

Sobhita Dhulipala, known for her grace and lively personality, emerges as the perfect ambassador for Bhima Jewels. The collaboration goes beyond showcasing jewelry; it is a deliberate effort to encourage self-love and empowerment.

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Abhishek Bindumadhav’s views

Speaking on this occasion, Abhishek Bindumadhav, Managing Director, Bhima Jewels said, “We’re glad that our trusted partner mSix&Partners initiated this strategic collaboration with Actor Ms. Sobhita, who will now be the face of Bhima Jewels as our Brand Ambassador. Sobhita personifies values that resonate with our brand – her elegance, grace, and versatile style align seamlessly with our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and timeless beauty. Commencing our association with Ms. Sobhita is a new Television Commercial that goes beyond conventional norms. While diamonds are often perceived as gifts for women, our latest commercial, “Made to Celebrate You,” redefines this narrative. It shifts the focus onto diamonds, paying tribute to inspirational women from diverse backgrounds. This empowering message underscores the idea that individuals today indulge in self-love, celebrating their triumphs and achievements. Sobhita, with her dynamic personality, epitomizes this spirit in an unparalleled manner. She stands as a perfect testament to the women we aspire to honour through our brand—a celebration of individuality, success, and the inherent strength that defines the essence of Bhima Jewels.”

“In a bold move that challenges conventional norms and firmly positions Bhima Jewels as a continued industry trailblazer with a legacy spanning almost a century, the brand’s commitment to redefining perceptions and offering a fresh perspective on Diamond Jewellery significantly contributes to its competitive edge, setting the stage for further market expansions. Recognizing the evolving dynamics of the market, this strategic decision aligns seamlessly with our dedication to meeting the dynamic needs of a diverse consumer base, showcasing adaptability as a core strength. Catalyzing innovation and market evolution, Bhima Jewels’ foresight in recognizing the potential of Diamond Jewellery plays a pivotal role in cementing its position as a trendsetter in the industry, resonating for years to come,” added  Abhishek

Subhamay Mukhopadhyay’s words

Commenting on the partnership, Subhamay Mukhopadhyay, Managing Partner, mSix&Partners Indias aid, “We are thrilled to have facilitated this partnership between Sobhita Dhulipala and Bhima Jewels which has culminated into this impressive-looking, thoughtful campaign. Sobhita is the perfect fit for this association and has wonderfully personified Bhima Jewels’ brand values with her graceful presence. Apart from ensuring that we use best-in-class tech capabilities for our clients, mSix&Partners offers a holistic perspective that serves the brand’s purpose.”

Damodaran N’s perspective

Damodaran N, President and Head of Office at FCB Ulka, Bengaluru, shared insights about the campaign, “The primary goal of this campaign was to highlight Bhima’s prominence in the domain of diamond jewellery, emphasizing its extensive range of products. Our insight was rooted in the notion that diamonds symbolize the celebration of life’s achievements. For today’s modern women, self-sufficiency is paramount, and they no longer rely on others to commemorate these milestones. Rather, she is fully capable of doing so herself.”

Let’s wrap up: Sobhita Dhulipala Collaboration with Bhima Jewels

In summary, Bhima Jewels’ collaboration with Sobhita Dhulipala, facilitated by mSix&Partners and creatively executed by FCB Ulka, marks a significant moment in the jewelry industry. Beyond the beauty of diamonds, the campaign spreads a message of self-love, empowerment, and celebrating individual achievements. Bhima Jewels, through this initiative, not only positions itself as a trendsetter but also sets the stage for a lasting narrative.

Credit List:
Agency: FCB Ulka Bangalore
Brand: Bhima Jewels
Chief Executive Officer: Kulvinder Ahluwalia
President and Head of Office, Bengaluru: Damodaran Nair
National Creative Director: Romit Nair
Sr. Vice President Planning:  Eric Rodrick
Creative Team: Shyam Nair, Guriya Choudhury
Account Management: Prutha Nesargi & Reevan Rego
Strategy team: Tavishi Gutgutia
Brand Team Abhishek Bindumadhav (Managing Director) GopaKumar (Chief Operating Officer), Sreekanth A (Marketing Manager), Arun Lemboy (Marketing Manager)
Production House: Happy Monk
Director: Suraj Wanvari
Executive Producer: Andalib Patel
Music: Subhajit Mukherjee
Lyrics: Trina Mukherjee

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