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‘Pran Jaaye Par Pulse Na Jaaye’ – Latest Pulse Ad with a Zingy Conclusion

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The nation’s favourite hard-boiled candy, Pass Pass Pulse, has released its newest TV commercial, “Courtroom,” which stars Mr. Saurabh Shukla and Mr. Abhishek Banerjee as a judge and a lawyer, respectively. The ‘Pran Jaaye Par Pulse Na Jaaye’ TVC is a comical twist on a judicial scenario that emphasizes how individuals will do anything to satisfy their hunger for a Pulse candy.

The director of the TVC is Rajesh Krishnan and Wunderman Thompson conceptualized it. The lawyer in the TVC informs the judge about the evidence, a Pulse candy left at a crime scene by the accused. Everyone in the court raises their hands when he asks who it belongs to after displaying it to everyone there. Even the judge. But before anyone could grab it, the cunning lawyer outsmarts them all by popping it in his mouth.

In this TVC, the brand’s primary message, “Pran Jaaye Par Pulse Na Jaaye,” is reiterated. The product’s core philosophy is “irresistibility,” and consumer behavioural insight suggests that Pulse customers don’t want to share their sweets with anyone. The ad is based on this idea and emphasizes the irresistibility of Pulse in a comical courtroom drama where everyone is there, including the judge, who is willing to be accused merely to get their hands on Pulse candy.

Commenting on the campaign, Sundeep Sehgal, Vice President & ECD, Wunderman Thompson, said, “Over the years ‘Pran Jaaye Par Pulse Na Jaaye’ commercials have gained a separate fan base due to their whacky plots and masaledaar twists. And people want more. So, this time we took Tangy Twist a notch higher to increase brand love. We developed crazier stories. We roped in acting powerhouses – Saurabh Shukla and Abhishek Banerjee to take you on a never been before masaledaar journey that you’ll relish for a long time.” 

In 2015, DS Group, which is renowned for its expertise in innovative Indian tastes and formats, rocked the market with the introduction of Pass Pass Pulse, which is currently the top candy brand in India. Pulse is truly exceptional due to the tangy touch on the classic flavour! In order to forge a closer bond with its customers, Pulse Candy constantly looks for fresh and inventive methods to interact with them.

Pulse Candy was introduced in 2015 and is available in 5 delectable varieties, including Kachcha Aam, Guava, Litchi, Orange, and Pineapple. Each taste offers a rush of tanginess, a sense of fun and uniqueness, and the brand continues to be popular.

The campaign is live on leading channels like YouTube, Social Media (Facebook & Instagram), and OTTs (Hotstar, Zee5, etc.).

Have a look at the first ad of the series “Pran Jaaye Par Pulse Na Jaaye”

So, if you haven’t tried Pass Pass Pulse candy yet, you must watch their most recent TV commercial. The TVC is proof of the brand’s dedication to producing unique and captivating content for its audience with its amusing and enjoyable courtroom drama. The advertisement has once again shown how each candy flavor’s tangy twist makes it extremely appealing and offers a distinctive and enjoyable experience. With the ad airing on top channels and OTTs, there’s never been a better moment to taste Pass Pass Pulse candies and experience the explosion of tanginess for yourself!

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