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Zee News unveils its new look with a unique brand identity and a modern approach.

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Zee News, as the first private news channel in India, has always been at the forefront of bringing change in the era of information overload. To take this legacy forward, Zee News has created a unique identity by revamping its channel packaging with a fresh look and feel. The new design incorporates a vibrant color palette, clear visuals, and ample space for a better viewing experience, making it stand out in the cluttered media landscape.

Zee News conducted detailed market research to curate the new design, considering the audience’s preferences. This research provided insights that helped create an AFFECTLAB SCORE, which was essential in the channel’s re-design. To improve the broadcasting space, the team measured various metrics such as visual appeal, comprehension, discovery time, and negative/positive emotions. The new look and feel of the channel were carefully designed, keeping in mind the results of this research, to enhance the overall viewer experience.

The new design, along with a modernized approach, reflects Zee News’s continuous efforts to redefine the credibility of the news it reports. The latest update aligns with a futuristic approach, aiming to enhance the viewer experience and connect more deeply with existing and new audiences. By introducing a fresh look and feel, Zee News seeks to attract new viewers and maintain the loyalty of its current audience, while establishing itself as a leading player in the Indian media industry.

Emphasizing the brand philosophy and modern approach, Abhay Ojha, Chief Business Officer, Zee Media Corporation Limited, said “India has evolved and so have we. As the nation’s oldest and one of the leading news enterprises, Zee News has played a huge role in shaping the minds and hearts of our viewers and our country. In the cluttered News Broadcasting space, Zee News has been constantly enabling a modern brand metaphor that comprises an inclusive and progressive approach. We, at Zee News, continue to be the forerunner in ensuring impactful content consumption, taking into consideration the attention span of viewers spread across the country.”

“When it comes to marketing and building strong brand equity, the brand identity of the Zee news network is of paramount importance. We have refreshed our brand identity to keep our audience engaged through a visually appealing new look and strategized communication to ensure a consistent Top of the Mind recall for our channel, with a higher preference ratio,” added Anindya Khare, Marketing Head at Zee Media Corporation Limited.

Zee News has been successful in providing its viewers with comprehensive and unbiased news coverage on various topics such as current affairs, social issues, political matters, and more. The channel’s commitment to journalistic integrity has made it a trusted source of news and information for millions of people across India. Through its innovative approach and fresh design, Zee News continues to deliver on its promise to keep its audience informed and engaged with the latest news developments.

Zee Media Corporation Ltd (ZMCL) is a major player in the Indian media and entertainment industry, with a strong focus on news and regional entertainment content. The company operates 13 news channels in seven different languages, providing a wide range of news and information to a diverse audience. ZMCL’s linear and digital properties, including,, and, attract millions of viewers every day, making it one of the most widely recognized media brands in the country. With its innovative and diverse offerings, ZMCL has established a strong foothold in the Indian media landscape and is poised for continued growth and success in the years to come.

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The art of branding is a constantly evolving landscape, with companies carefully crafting their logos to reflect their values, mission, and identity. As markets and consumer preferences shift, brands must adapt to remain relevant, and that often means revamping their visual identities. From choosing the perfect color palette to selecting the ideal typography, every element is carefully considered to communicate the brand’s message effectively. These changes can be a significant undertaking, as they involve a comprehensive analysis of the company’s positioning and an understanding of the evolving landscape. However, for brands that get it right, a new logo can be a powerful tool to connect with audiences and achieve business goals.

Many brands like Nokia, 7UP and Baskin Robbins have come up with new brand logos to uplift their presence in the market.

Here’s what Agency Masala has to say about brands changing their logos:

What are your thoughts on the ever-changing logos of various brands? Do you think it’s a fun and playful way to stay relevant and appeal to audiences, or do you find it frustrating when a brand you love changes its logo? Does it make you feel like the company is trying too hard to keep up with trends, or does it show a commitment to innovation and creativity? Let me know your opinion on this.

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