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Father’s Day 2024: Celebrating Super Dads with Heartfelt Campaigns in India

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Happy Father’s Day to all the incredible dads out there! As we celebrate Father’s Day 2024 in India, it’s the perfect time to honor the superheroes in our lives. From guiding us with wisdom to showering us with unconditional love, fathers play an irreplaceable role. This year, let’s make it extra special with heartwarming Father’s Day campaigns. Discover unique gifts, touching stories, and creative ideas to show just how much we appreciate our Super Dads. Here’s to celebrating the strength, love, and dedication of all fathers across India.

Heartwarming Father’s Day Campaigns in India 2024

1. Upstox 

Upstox, a wealth management platform, celebrates Father’s Day with its #FirstFinancialAdvisor campaign, highlighting the invaluable financial principles shared by fathers over time. The campaign video beautifully captures the evolving conversations between fathers and their children, showcasing the journey from birth to adulthood. Initially, fathers mentor their young children with simple lessons about saving money, but as the children mature, the relationship evolves into a friendly, guiding dynamic. This evolution mirrors the progressive financial advice fathers provide, emphasizing their vital role in both our personal and financial journeys. This heartfelt Father’s Day campaign 2024 underscores the significance of fathers in shaping our lives and financial wisdom.

2. Kotak Life

In celebration of Father’s Day 2024, Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance Company (“Kotak Life”) has launched a heartfelt digital film starring Rajkummar Rao, their brand ambassador. The film acknowledges the invaluable essence of a father’s love, support, and inspiration in life. It explores the concept that while a father’s love is often seen as tough love, fathers consistently stand strong with their children through every stage of life. Rajkummar Rao shares profound moments with his father, honoring him as his hero. This touching Father’s Day campaign 2024 by Kotak Life beautifully encapsulates the unwavering support and inspiration fathers provide.

3. Pepperfry

Pepperfry’s Father’s Day campaign 2024 showcases the discerning nature of Indian dads when receiving gifts, capturing their meticulous attention to detail. The campaign video humorously addresses the challenge of finding the perfect gift for Dad. It follows a young woman who excitedly presents a recliner to her father, showcasing her nervous anticipation. True to the quintessential Indian Dad, he meticulously scrutinizes prices, warranties, and every detail before finally nodding in approval. This relatable moment resonates with many, highlighting the ‘sure yet unsure,’ ‘loving yet apprehensive’ bond between fathers and their children.

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4. Manforce

Manforce Condoms, a brand by Mankind Pharma, celebrates Father’s Day 2024 with its innovative #CoolestDaddy campaign. As an extension of the year-long #CondomNahiManforceBolo initiative, this campaign takes a unique approach to strengthening the father-son bond by encouraging open conversations about sex. The campaign video features a lighthearted scene where a mother discovers a condom in her son’s pocket and expects the father to reprimand him. Instead, the father handles the situation with a relaxed, supportive attitude, normalizing discussions about sex and protection.

5. MediBuddy

Highlighting their lifelong devotion to building a better future for their children, this Father’s Day 2024 campaigns by MediBuddy encourages children to reciprocate this selfless care by prioritizing their fathers’ health and well-being. Fathers often balance discipline and love, consistently putting their children’s needs above their own. As they age, it’s vital for them to receive proactive healthcare to stay strong and vigorous. MediBuddy’s campaign emphasizes integrating health check-ups and care into fathers’ daily routines, ensuring they remain healthy and happy. The narrative poignantly captures how a father’s tough love and sacrifices shape their children’s futures, underscoring the importance of acknowledging and supporting their role in families.

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6. Zepto

Zepto celebrates Father’s Day with its heartwarming #JustSayIt campaign, encouraging people to express love and appreciation for their dads. The campaign features a touching video film and special promotions across social media platforms. Leading up to Father’s Day 2024, Zepto engages its audience with teaser posts and interactive content, building excitement with the hashtag #JustSayIt. Each order on Father’s Day includes a limited-edition gift bag, aiming to make every dad feel cherished.

7. Hero Vired

Hero Vired commemorates Father’s Day with ‘Lessons from a Father: Wisdom Across Generations’, showcasing paternal guidance through comic storytelling. The campaign highlights evolving fatherly teachings and their enduring impact on children’s lives. Hero Vired invites learners to share personal anecdotes, honoring fathers’ values passed through generations. This initiative underscores Hero Vired’s commitment to celebrating family roles and empowering learners with career-relevant skills and lifelong learning opportunities.

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8. Swiggy

Swiggy celebrates Father’s Day with its innovative #JustSayIt campaign, introducing the humorous ‘Baap Menu’. Addressing the lack of Father’s Day celebration in mainstream marketing, Swiggy’s campaign features dishes like ‘Papa-rantha’ and ‘Dad-Makhani’. It playfully counters stereotypes with affectionate dish names, encouraging people to express love for their dads. Mayur, Swiggy’s Brand Head, explains the campaign’s aim to integrate recognition of fathers into everyday interactions, not just through communication but by adapting their product offerings.

9. Bombay Shaving Company 

Bombay Shaving Company’s latest digital campaign, “Sorry Dad”, takes a candid approach to the often-overlooked importance of Father’s Day campaigns in 2024. Recognizing the trend where Father’s Day receives less attention compared to other celebrations, the brand urges a shift in focus through honest conversations and engaging content. The campaign emphasizes the need to appreciate fathers amidst the flurry of gifts for partners, mothers, and pets. Featuring snippets from past campaigns and nostalgic videos, Bombay Shaving Company aims to spark reflection and ensure fathers receive the recognition they deserve this year.

10. Apollo Tyres

Here’s to all the dads who take on every road with love and strength! Apollo Tyres wishes you all a very happy Father’s Day. The campaign features heartwarming scenes of a dog owner embodying the spirit of fatherhood, caring for his beloved pet with the same dedication and attention as any parent. From preparing the car for a drive to ensuring the safety and comfort of the furry companion, the message resonates with the idea that paternal love extends beyond human relationships.

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11. SBI

This Father’s Day, SBI Life Insurance celebrates fathers as ‘Life Mitra’—a friend, mentor, and financial guardian in their children’s lives. Through their digital film under #PapaHainNa, SBI Life showcases fathers’ pragmatic wisdom in navigating life’s challenges, emphasizing their pivotal role as caregivers and professional guides. The campaign resonates deeply with the essence of Father’s Day 2024, portraying fathers not only as emotional anchors but also as adept professionals capable of steering their children through crises. It underscores the brand’s commitment to portraying the multifaceted roles of fathers and highlights the importance of insurance advisors in managing personal and professional challenges with finesse.

12. Zomato

Zomato’s Father’s Day campaigns for 2024, in collaboration with Chunky Pandey, Sanjay Kapoor, and Ashish Vidyarthi, invites everyone to “Make Father’s Day a Big Deal.” They offer a generous 50% discount on Zomato dining, making it easier for everyone to celebrate and make their fathers feel special this Father’s Day. This initiative aims to bring families together over a meal while honoring the important role fathers play in our lives.


Q: What is Upstox’s Father’s Day campaign about? A: Upstox’s #FirstFinancialAdvisor campaign celebrates Father’s Day by showcasing the evolving financial advice shared by fathers with their children over time.

Q: What is Kotak Life’s approach to Father’s Day 2024? A: Kotak Life Insurance’s Father’s Day campaign features Rajkummar Rao in a digital film honoring the enduring love and support of fathers in their children’s lives.

Q: How does Pepperfry celebrate Father’s Day in 2024? A: Pepperfry’s Father’s Day campaign highlights the discerning nature of Indian dads when receiving gifts, emphasizing their meticulous attention to detail.

Q: What is Manforce Condoms’ Father’s Day campaign focused on? A: Manforce Condoms’ #CoolestDaddy campaign encourages open conversations between fathers and sons about sex, aiming to strengthen their bond.

Q: What does MediBuddy promote in its Father’s Day campaign? A: MediBuddy’s campaign encourages children to prioritize their fathers’ health and well-being, emphasizing proactive healthcare and appreciation for paternal sacrifices.

Q: What is the theme of Zepto’s Father’s Day campaign? A: Zepto’s #JustSayIt campaign encourages people to express love and appreciation for their dads through a touching video film and special promotions.

Q: How does Hero Vired commemorate Father’s Day? A: Hero Vired’s ‘Lessons from a Father: Wisdom Across Generations’ campaign uses comic storytelling to showcase the enduring impact of paternal guidance.

Q: What innovative campaign does Swiggy launch for Father’s Day? A: Swiggy’s #JustSayIt campaign introduces the ‘Baap Menu’, featuring dish names like ‘Papa-rantha’ and ‘Dad-Makhani’, to celebrate Father’s Day humorously.

Q: What is Bombay Shaving Company’s approach to Father’s Day? A: Bombay Shaving Company’s “Sorry Dad” campaign addresses the often-overlooked importance of Father’s Day, urging recognition through honest conversations.

Q: How does SBI Life Insurance celebrate Father’s Day? A: SBI Life’s #PapaHainNa campaign portrays fathers as ‘Life Mitra’, highlighting their role as mentors and financial guardians in their children’s lives.

Q: What is Zomato’s initiative for Father’s Day? A: Zomato’s Father’s Day campaign offers a 50% discount on dining in collaboration with Chunky Pandey, Sanjay Kapoor, and Ashish Vidyarthi, aiming to make fathers feel special.


As we celebrate Father’s Day 2024 in India, these heartwarming campaigns from brands like Upstox, Kotak Life, Pepperfry, Manforce, MediBuddy, Zepto, Hero Vired, Swiggy, Bombay Shaving Company, SBI Life Insurance, and Zomato beautifully highlight the profound impact of fathers in our lives. From financial wisdom to emotional support and humor, each campaign underscores the unique bond shared between fathers and their children. These initiatives not only celebrate paternal love and guidance but also encourage us to cherish and appreciate our Super Dads in meaningful ways, ensuring Father’s Day is a special occasion worthy of recognition and gratitude.

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