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Vicks Unveils ‘Sabse Badi Khabar’ with Ranveer Singh

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Vicks, one of India’s most trusted healthcare brands, has launched its latest innovation in the realm of cough relief—Vicks Double Power Cough Drops. This new offering marks the first double-powered transformation of Vicks’ iconic triangular cough drops in two decades, promising enhanced relief from throat irritation and cough.

Vicks Unveiling ‘Sabse Badi Khabar’ with Ranveer Singh

The announcement of Vicks Double Power Cough Drops was made alongside the renowned Bollywood actor and brand ambassador, Ranveer Singh. Known for his charismatic presence, Singh highlighted the monumental shift in Vicks’ product lineup through a quirky new television commercial. His enthusiasm for the brand was palpable as he spoke about Vicks’ longstanding cultural significance and its role in providing relief from the troublesome “khich-khich”.

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A Legacy of Relief: Vicks Cough Drops

Vicks Cough Drops have been a household name in India since the 1960s, resonating deeply with generations for their effectiveness in soothing throat ailments. The iconic jingle, “Vicks ki Goli Lo, Khich Khich Door Karo”, remains etched in the memories of millions, underscoring Vicks’ commitment to providing comfort and relief.

The Evolution of Comfort: Vicks Double Power Cough Drops

Sahil Sethi, category leader, consumer healthcare, P&G India, said, “Vicks ki Goli Lo, Khich Khich Door Karo” the iconic brand jingle of Vicks Cough Drops instantly brings in nostalgia, having helped generations of Indians speak up with a khich khich free voice since 1960s. Committed to build on this legacy we are always listening to what our consumers want and incorporating these insights across our product formulations and packaging. Along with the charismatic Superstar Ranveer Singh, we are delighted to announce our SABSE BADI KHABAR in decades – launch of Vicks Double Power Cough Drops, our first-ever double powered transformation of India’s iconic triangular Vicks Cough drops. Formulated based on Consumer feedback on the need of their preferred Cough Drop in a Bigger Size that can help relieve symptoms of throat irritation and cough, our new ‘Vicks Double Power Cough Drops’ is a BADI GOLI which provides BADI RAHAT. Ab Vicks ki Goli Khao, Badi Rahat Pao.”

Speaking about the brand’s Badi Rahat promise, Jaspreet Kochhar, director, Vicks research and development, “New Vicks Double Power Cough Drop is a superior product for relief from sore throat and cough formulated with a proven mix of effective and well-known Ayurvedic ingredients such as Menthol, Eucalyptus oil and Camphor. The new formulation designed to be stronger with 2X Menthol comes in 3 different variants in cooling menthol, soothing honey, and warming ginger – developed and tested with Indian consumers. Consumers can now pop in their favourite and well-loved cough drops for better, fast, and long relief, with superior cooling and great taste. That’s what we call Badi Rahat.”

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Innovation Beyond Borders

Vicks’ commitment to innovation is evident not only in its products but also in its recent launches like Vicks ZzzQuil Natura, VapoRub steam pods, and a roll-on for headaches. These efforts underscore Vicks’ dedication to meeting the evolving needs of consumers with effective and convenient solutions.

Ranveer Singh views

Ranveer Singh expressed his pride in representing Vicks and its legacy as a cultural icon in India. He highlighted his excitement for the new Double Power Cough Drops and the positive reception to the innovative TV commercial, aimed at bringing smiles to consumers’ faces.


Vicks Double Power Cough Drops are now available nationwide, ensuring easy access through major chemist, mass, and modern retail stores, as well as online portals. This launch not only signifies a new era of relief for Vicks but also reinforces its enduring commitment to providing “Badi Rahat” to every household.


In conclusion, with the introduction of Vicks Double Power Cough Drops, Vicks continues to innovate and uphold its legacy of trust and effectiveness in addressing common health concerns. As consumers embrace this new offering, Vicks remains steadfast in its mission to deliver superior products that bring comfort and relief to millions across India.

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